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The espionage had mentioned the texas the cowboys having their preseason game cancelled on thursday since the texans can now get back to their homes in houston the astros meanwhile we'll be back to houston this week as well they'll have a threegame series with the mets which will begin saturday with a double header wednesday no astra's still playing at the trump against the rangers you said manager aj hinche has been hard we've been away from our families that aren't with us there's been there's been a lot of people that are worried about people back home our friends our neighbors are fans in it you know we got to play a baseball game and our in athletes are great about it it's it's sort of an escape for us as an escape for our fans steven play the game an eta all but not easy not easy to separate especially when our loved ones are are trapped by water and as for the game that the astros played against the rangers that didn't go well hide right well it all going back starting in his car a good half does it rose sucking leftcenter field for mike happily is what motive here the rangers 6 no one eight one would be the final texas gets the win 105 3 the fan andrew kastner eight innings striking out six gets the win doused kyko goes six innings gave up six hundred runs in seven starts since returning from the disabled list he's got an er ray over five and a quarter the straight ahead college football's upon us although some players are going to have to wait to play.

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