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He was playing in a pretty high profile threesome. Along with Tiger Woods column or a callow, of course, has made a name for himself in 2020. What happened to his playing partners? Yeah, didn't go as well for them with Tiger. It happened late Tigers round is all over the place. First of all, it was kind of this. Up and down roller coaster round but for Tiger to finish with a bogey in a double bogey, at least in that first round, it sealed this fate. You know you're looking at Tiger eight shots back in the big question that everybody has right now is Welcome Tiger make up eight shots over 54 holes. The answer, of course, is yeah. He can do it. It's possible to do it. But what What happens with Tiger is as fans of Tiger We all cast ahead. What we want to happen instead of the reality of what could happen with your eight shots behind. Not only do you need to make up eight shots. On the leader. But there's a lot of traffic between that individual in where you are, and you need everybody else to stand. Still, just you two make up eight. So presuming that there's going to be continued jockey someone's going to go under party even though the winds are expected to crest in almost 20 MPH. By this afternoon, undoubtedly the U. S. G a member. I'm going back to that opening comment about reactionary chances are that the golf course will be set up top today. Dicks in the wind that they have today and all of a sudden because otherwise They're going to sit back and they have to look to membership in the eye. They have to look at it. They have to look everyone straight up and say Yeah, we had a record round tomorrow. We won't have that today. We're gonna talk depends a little bit more than the winds kick up, and it seems like the golf course can go the other direction, So it's almost like there were no win situations far's that goes. My opinion is just as an aside here, and he said, the golf course up. Let the guy shoot whatever they shoot. Stop worrying about forever and shoot solo is four. Winds don't Don't worry about all that all of this over engineering in terms of set up, set up fair and go, just like the PGA Championship does just like the Army does with the open. Nobody ever complains about what the master's doses they do what they want. So from all that standpoint, what I was saying with Tiger is for him to catch the leaders wherever they are Justin Thomas or otherwise, he has to go beyond those eight. And when you start to talk about that hill, it's a really steep one decline for Tiger Woods. He dug himself a hole. Okay, So then, interestingly enough, Dustin Johnson, who's on a tear and the number one player in the world. Jordan speed and then Tiger all at 73, which one of them is most likely to make a run over the next three days, based on their game Well, it's highly unlikely that it's going to be Tiger because he's given us no indication from Asahi puts it wraps to use his vernacular. That he has that in the tank. Right now, there's just simply no indication when he was cruising along yesterday it was making it a little birdie run in the middle. But it was looking good for Tiger not looked like we might see it to underground when it's all said and done. That would be so bad for Tiger Woods. He'd be knocking on the door and he might be able to sneak in there. But from what we're seeing right now, there's no indication that he's going to go explosively low in order to hold off the bad side of what could happen, Remember he had a double bogey amongst his bogies. That he posted yesterday. When it comes to Jordan Species searching he has been searching and there's no indication that that has changed whatsoever, he said as much yesterday when he told the press that look I never give up. No one's doubting the fact that he has committed that. He won't give up what people are doubting his ability to go super low, which you have to now, but that brings us to deejay. This is the D. J just got voted the PGA Tour Player of the Year. This the deejay that just won the Tour championship. This deejay that went on an absolute tear We took second place is into wins in four starts so off those three players. And Dustin Johnson, who at one point recently had to wait ease in a 78 and withdrawal and then seemed seemingly turned it around and did all these wonderful things. Can he do something crazy, stupid over the next three days? Absolutely. He could. He's the one that can do it. Could he go super low today? Absolutely. He could act. He could do it because what he has this ability to do, which is not unique amongst champion golfers. But it is unique to him in terms of how he approaches, it is that he's able to shut off consequence. He doesn't seem in any way to be bothered by the ghosts of what took place in around past. He just puts it out of his mind. You used to be able to sit down. I'm sure it's still the same way with Jack Nicklaus and you'd ask him about. Hey, What about the seven iron you hit here? You know some Gloria shot and he will tell you to the degree exactly What happened? I would it were released where it rolls. But if yes, Jack Nichols about a shot that when squirrely in sideways, he'd look in the eye and he goes. I don't even remember that shot. And that's one of those traits of these champion golfers that Dustin Johnson has more than perhaps any other. He didn't even remember having played wing quit before, if it doesn't have a direct connection to him. That's one a glorious one. And sometimes even their that bridge is not enough. He just cast it. He purges it from his memories. So off those three specifically at TJ. That's great until your wife asked me to take out the trash. And you claim you have no knowledge of having ever heard the question. All right, mad. So before I let you go, you got this gorgeous new studio and ended up on your Twitter account. You got this? This brand new setting for your fairways of.

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