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I. Mean I talk about it in general because I talk about? and the conversation is is being had in in general and an NBA players are like I think we talked about this last time. In terms of understanding society politics business, some of the most astute minds we have in this country, so conversations being had. but you know the conversation and the action we have to see that. Make sure that we encourage everybody to go out and vote, but also like for me I want to understand how in this time in our world. Pandemic and then what's happened now in our country and what we're seeing with police brutality how it's certain Republican closeted Republicans. And I'm not questioning political party, because it's bigger than that now for like the first time in our country. There's argument that if you're a Republican, you're looking at your children and your. You want the best for what is. In store for them in the future that you have to take your moral compass and your family. What's right over policy? And that's what I need to happen in this election, and that's what I'm hoping that in this education conversation that some Republicans realize that the pain and anger that's been caused by this system. Fixing that is more important than policy and that you can have a negotiation in conversation with the other side. Once certain people are removed from office, and until then when you saw the scene, the other night at the White House. It scares me to think that that's what's in store and. You know it's imperative that people look within themselves. Get Out and vote and also question. What's really important to them now? I was GonNa ask you a basketball question but I don't. I'd rather just talk about this and I talked. About and talk about basketball. Okay. I'll ask you one more all right. I don't think we're going to have an asterisk. I think whoever wins is going to win and we're GONNA I'M GONNA. Take the other end of the telescope. That we're going to look at the team that wins this year and we're going to go holy hell. What an unbelievable! No! Advantage I don't think we'll do an asterisk. I think it will, it will embolden whoever wins more if Kawhi wins with the clippers. I think people are going to go. You gotta be kidding me. He wanted Canada. He won during a pandemic. That's how I see it that it won't be seen as a weakness, it will be seen as an unbelievable strength playing staying in a hotel, not a single home court game. What are you? What are you making the asterisk? Talk completely agree with you because. Academic has the connotation that they had to deal with less of a challenge or less of an obstacle to get there, so we a shortened season and somebody else was hurt, so we create this asterix. They didn't really have to go through everybody They're playing on seventy three win team from the year before so even though you dominated in front of the entire world. There's an asterix things like that. That are created just because people feel like there's less of a challenge. No way you can say that now no way that any team or player or coach that's coming back from what we've been door and and come back to play in these uncharted waters with no fans, and no fans are bigger than people think I mean these guys are going to WHO, but no fans changes things. A dynamic the Asterix will have no purpose except for like you said to indicate that this was a special championship team that being said I. Think all these Asterix fade away in time, because like if you win, you win period. They're all facing the same issue. They're all facing the same crisis planet Disneyworld next to roller coaster so. I think it's amazing by the way your. Your typical day note will rich. What do you do in a typical day? How Limited are you? HOW LIMITED KEVIN IN TERMS OF BUSINESS! Well! We're fortunate that we're not limited. You know in in. In our business, we create content we. Work with brand, a very active and robust foundation. So you know from a boardroom perspective, we've created a whole sports business platform, so we're constantly writing and putting out a newsletter and creating video. We're putting together. Something on the college level with the Board Room, we We do a lot from that standpoint. And then we had a few documentaries that came out in the last few months. We have a few more that are in development. We have some brands that we've collaborated with. And then our foundation both for social justice, and as it pertains to Cova and really active, and you know Kevin Kevin leads in Every leader is different in how they get to work. Work and Kevin is like a roll up your sleeves and get right into the action and help out in communities indeed, and and give and give, and give got one of the most philanthropic minds I've ever been around. His instinct to give is just like instant, and you know we've been deploying capital in different communities that need it and you know. We've been fortunate to be busy and stay busy. Routes climbing. I always love having young. Man. Smart Guy like talking. Talking. Same exact the. Same exact thing I wanted to have intelligent conversations I. WANNA be challenged I. Want to challenge people. We need to. Talk to him you to get that haircut..

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