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Welcome to ruin a Bank is day radio podcast with fraud expert skip buyers. This is your guide to fighting fraud and chargebacks learn the best front provincial solutions and strategies how to enhance your fraud prevention team, and how to prosecute criminals. Now, here's your host skip buyers. Hello everyone. Thank you for tuning into ruin a bad guys day radio show. Hey, I'm skip Myers. Your hosts are bad guys day radio. And I wanna start off by thanking everyone who continues to support the program, and especially those of you. He keeps any all those great emails and feedback. Hey, we have a great show lined up this week, including a very very special guest that helps you fight fraudsters and help prevent chargebacks before they really happen through VM PI or visas Merson purses inquiry programs, so before we get started. Let's discuss some fraud stance that are out there right now that will probably make you lose sleep tonight might not know that eighty six percent of all chargebacks may be cases of friendly frog in friendly fraud is increasing at a forty one percent, right. And it's been increasing that at that rate for over the past two years and seeing pe- losses will reach as staggering seven point two billion dollars by the year twenty twenty. And what's really a scary statistic? Is that approximately eight and ten customers admit to filing a charge van is of actually working out the issues to regularly with the seller or merchant? And that's what we don't talk about today. How can we really target Brindley Frossard, and and really target are charged program with reducing the amount of losses to our company and streamline the processes that our internal controls have to five chargebacks and disputes. So today as promise Rudy bad guys day radio will be featuring some the top fraud fighters industry throughout two thousand nineteen and today, I'm especially excited to introduce to you Scott Adams, withdrawn DVD, Scott at founder of thraw TV dot com has over twenty years of experience in the field of payments as both the merchant and fraud expert. He's worked with companies large and small Therese reduce chargebacks improve our y and fight fraud on multiple platforms. So we're. Gonna discuss the visa Mercer purchase inquiry program or VM PI. And how Scott's expertise can help save time with those disputes in eventually reduce charge bang. If your tension, please. So, hey, Scott. I'm so glad you could join us today. How are you? I'm doing great skip. Thanks for having me. That's awesome. Hey, you know, we've had a lot of discussions about this and known each other for a few years, and you really make an impact in fighting fraud and helping other versions really, reduce chargebacks and losses. Can you? Tell us me in our listeners more about VM PI, and how it works and make chores Bax dispute simpler and more automated. Yes, sure. So VP is actually a really interesting product that these decide to launch a few years back and idea was is that the one of the big problems, and you know, you just talked about Satistics around friendly fraud is that most of the time a few consumer looks at the credit card statement, all they see is a twenty something character descriptors, which oftentimes has a bunch of diversion. And so think about if you're a consumer you've got a credit card, you I'm sure you've had a time where you've looked at your statement and saw charge and said, okay, what is this and no idea, and I have. Yeah. Everyone has it doesn't matter. You could. Make one charge a month. And that's going to happen. Because you know, the merchant is not required a pissing there that makes sense in really most marches. Don't know any better. They don't understand that that descriptors is all the consumer has the recognize charge. So oftentimes, especially for new merchant. It's like a corporate name. You know, what who's going to recognize that you're gonna recognize the website? You're gonna recognize the the game your kids playing whatever that might be so visa decides that they needed a better way to handle this. And so that's where VPI came from. And they said, you know, let's make a product where the merchant can actually respond more or less directly to the merchants or site to the consumers question of what is this? And so they created the system it's actually really nice in that, you know, that kind of the flow goes, let's say that the consumer calls in to their credit card company. And you know, says, hey, I don't recognize this in the past that would just become a charge back because the issue or new knows no more about that transaction than the consumer does. Really, right. They might know. A corporate name or something which still help. Yeah. I've seen like that indicator. Be like db doing business as in. You're exactly right. I I see that. Sometimes I have no clue whatsoever. Even how to decipher that acronym. So it's very common in. Yeah. Very common. And you know, that's the thing is legally, it makes sense your business doesn't have to be the same name. There's a lot of different things legally why you might do that. But the the merchants often, especially neurons don't know to make something better just outside of EMP. I if you're a merchant out there, make sure your descript or actually describe something that the consumer will know about beyond that use the PI. And so we're VPI goes is that so kind of the new process consumer doesn't recognize they call this shore. And now if that is using VM PI, and this is only what visa by the way, they can press a button on their screen in. It'll pop up with more information, and that information could be anything that the merchant wants to pass back. And so. Set up new merchants. I tell them, you know, I need some basic information. But then I say, okay now, tell me what your consumers, but the person that's looking at the credit card statement would recognize and you keep in mind that you know, it might be if your product is targeted mostly for for Dulce for actual cardholders that it might be your your website name product names like that. But VPI lets you actually pass in your full shopping cart information. So if you're a merge of a shopping cart, you push it all in and so now, you know, the consumer called in let's say, this is a some form of website. That's a marketplace. And you know, the scripture might have been the marketplace mate. But the actual purchase was with some other, you know, provider some of the create its products, maybe and the issue now read off. Okay. So you bought it at this website. And here's an Email address that was used to buy it here is the name. Here's maybe an account name. And then if this shopping cart hero here, the five items you bought here, the prices, it looks like. One of these shipped. Here's your tracking number right? Basically the same stuff. You would get in the port at the merchants portal when where you bought is now in this recite. And so the idea being, you know, you you mentioned like helping disputes this actually way before that. And but yeah, the pass it would have been dispute, but the beauty of the system is that now let's that consumer call then they were told them what the what the purchase was and the best situation is that the consumer thin says, oh, wait. I know what that is sorry about or, you know, no charge back notice Butte, no fraud alert and best of all the merchant not only keeps the money, and they're no additional fees, but they keep a happy customer, and they can you. If it's a recurring product they can rebuild again. Or if it's like it's talked about like a shopping cart a marketplace. They keep that customer the customer will come back and buy for them. Again. This has been a long time coming for a service like this. Because I mean, we all know, you know, all of us that are in this business. Especially if you're working chargebacks, we had a way to produce that proof after the charge back was actually filed an and you know, and now we can use that that proof for that evidence of the transaction as a preventative measure before it turns into the charge back on what a great way to streamline the process and make things more efficient and to your point really keep those happy customers. That's it's I kind of as an extension of customer service, unites, if the merchant are, it'd be great if the consumer just call the March, but the card companies made it so easy and pitched it so much on the web on TV that there's no lie ability just call us. Now, they have the tools actually kinda help your customer support. So that works really well. No, that's awesome. In in. I mean, I can see all the time savings with those fraud analysts or those those reps that are actually working those chargebacks everyday making the phone calls sending those emails I mean, the potential to save money in reducing those processing times before they actually turn into chargebacks as huge in. Again. I think what we both can't stress enough. Is that the potential impact of improving your overall customer service metrics is just massive twin

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