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Of course with his decades of experience in media we migrate now to a careful discussion in too short a time you're this morning with raj patel of ing on the foreign exchange space garage i'm sure you saw the news on britain with an attendant strength in cable what eurosterling i haven't talked about it in a while is a eurosterling a profitable place to play the back and forth of brexit oh output cut both the 2017 a stunning has claimed that the uphill who gauge readiness states grouping by europe on the uk earlier this year with the french election see who the euro sort of play in a bit of pretty chris premium over the summer the year attended to say and it claimed the demonstrate in these characteristics at the moment as well i'll outlook cut into the next year for us we see to cyclical pool his offsetting each other for your student so while she's going to get a degree pricing in on the starting side as prey to make some good progress in the uk called meat may be an still some animal comforted equally the arizona called me looks pretty up the that's what i wanted to go there both strengthening is the ing right exactly toporov we actually see we've we could a new political wing the first quarter might be dragged relatively standing against the euro just purity because you have defective battalion election risk for the euro zone and also a positive replacing on the brexit quote with being part of that today a transition deal with the next catholics that we think could joy stunning even higher we look into the for the low rate he played 85 level that that so so it has made uh early sort of next year target off so that we kind of sort in this period where it wouldn't that surround that sort of 85 level and like talk to a around there unless we get another layer positive steering in the uk calling me towards the self brexit' a we don't making any be cool and that's the 2019 story 85 is look it up what did you see the best idea into next year's is grabbed up your once rethink alpha can be made well we we were running with the.

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