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At nine thirty a crowd of several hundred people have gathered on melrose in the fairfax district for an impromptu memorial to honor rapper x x x ten toss yo and he was shot and killed in his car yesterday afternoon in florida cbs to k cow nine helicopter reporters on dell was overhead have crowds are actually on melrose receiving another large crowds of the four back in the alley way as well not sure why they picked this spot but we can tell you melrose is basic shut down for a couple of blocks right around the fairfax area this crowd getting a little rowdy at times but lapd not confrontational right now there are no reports of any arrests the crowd made an ex with candles chuck roll we'll have more in traffic on how to get around it that's coming up in about five minutes water dropping helicopters making progress on a roughly two acre fire burning below the griffith observatory neither the observatory nor any other buildings are threatened as the fire burning in a rugged area the anaheim city council could vote tonight to allow an initiative to raise wages go directly to the ballot box that it's a reasonable request the council could let the initiative to raise the floor on wages go directly to the november ballot or an act higher wages now even seek an impact study on how the increase would affect local business mayor tom tate says they don't have much choice do you think it's a good idea or not the idea is pretty much by law that when they present the signatures that we put on the bell chamber of commerce president totta met who along with disney is against the increase tells knx that increase will affect a lot of businesses kill development and he even has letters from hotels saying they will not build a fa passes winchcombe has the second project which is at the anaheim plaza hotel prospera o'connell have a second diamond product at the garden walk which all both of those will be cancelled union rep andrew cohen says right now only three companies will be affected and no one should fear higher wages living wage law is going to help the workers for companies that are doing very well with massive tax payer subsidies hey the basics take tells knx the only companies affected with those who took massive subsidies from the city to build bob brill can extend seventy newsradio separated.

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