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Went really well. D- relax with honey mustard sauce. Smoke belly on pumpernickel toast like he hit some really cool stuff I I learned from him and the people that help set it up. Thanks for being on your your welcome almost the first week my on my oh my God. Yeah that was Super Fun and that was a a huge career accomplishment. God bless coming back okay. Pipe partner with us. My Name Cy young and I live in the flats in Juneau Alaska on West Tenth Avenue. I I came to Juneau in the late eighties to work at the legislature. About the time that I started working for the legislature. I met my husband who is a commercial fisherman. A mutual friend gave us both each other's telephone numbers. He came up to my house in his old truck and he had a fresh sockeye salmon in in the back and he pulled out his fillet knife in his piece of plywood and filleted right there on the tailgate of his truck. And and that was it such skills I just that was it. Wait a minute. I've got a great picture of him. I'm here. He was a handsome fellow. He is very handsome when he got his diagnosis diagnosis of Small Cell Lung Cancer. He said I would like to die. at home in high. Oh hilas arms. I'd like to finish the adoption of our forty three year. Old Daughter that adoption was in the works. And I'd like to go back to Hawaii and roll around in the surf with the two grandkids grandkids. So he got two out of his three wishes. He died here.

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