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Gruber law officers one call that's all sports desk here's Matt Polly actors are favored by twelve and a half points against the Detroit Lions coming up on Sunday but don't tell head coach of Matt Loeffler that he made it very clear earlier today that this is a very important game that they're taking very seriously this is a playoff game for us there's no doubt about it and that's what we were approaching because if you're able to take care of business someone this one then you get a week off so our guys got to understand that alliance might be three and eleven but la fleur says that they are better than the record would indicate where I watch the Detroit Lions I see a team that is competing as hard as anybody and their physical football team and they do a really good job of creating turnover opportunities for themselves when I washer defense they're always punching at the ball they shoot they got a couple out on us we played in last time I was a one point game that went down to the right to the end and so we're in our work cut out for us our guys got to get their mind right and ready to go play another physical football game against on north rival Packers lions coming up on Sunday a noon kickoff we will have it for you right here Bucks looking to bounce back after the tough Christmas day loss they felt seventy Sixers yesterday one twenty one a one oh nine they're back at tomorrow in Atlanta against the hawks college football tonight in Detroit at Ford field it's the quick lane bowl as Pittsburgh will be in action against eastern Michigan that game is set to kickoff at seven o'clock all right ma'am thanks so much yes indeed you start talking football you start talking college football we are in now the heart to re entering the heart of the college football bowl season of course the badgers on the Oregon ducks new year's day Rose Bowl we will check the ride home it's been smooth so far we'll see if that's still the case Debbie is on deck and then after that what happened to that Christmas present that Kim Jong moon was promising didn't happen we'll dive into that with Pam Falk CBS news foreign affairs analyst after this ability T. M. J. Debbie lasik god knows traffic.

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