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15 Fair Oaks and 51 in D. C. The shack brought to you by new Lacombe design with 0% financing on your new roof until 2022 It's 10 21 on w T o p Breaking tonight in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, a second night of protest Ng over the death of Dante writes the 20 year old unarmed black man who was shot by police over the weekend during a routine traffic stop. Now these protesters were outside the police station, and Ah lot of tear gas was fired into the crowd as they were pushed back from that area, and currently there's a standoff between police and those protesters because there is a curfew that isn't effective spending. Fact for a couple of hours now, But those protesters are still on the streets. Earlier today, the Hennepin County Medical Examiner ruled the death a homicide. The Brooklyn Center city manager was fired by the mayor, the city managers and control police operations there. This followed a press conference earlier today at which the police chief released body Cam footage. Saying that he believes the shooting was an accident that the officer pulled her gun instead of a Taser, now right, was pulled over for expired tags expired registration and was shot at by an officer as he tried to get back into his car again, protesters out once again for a second day in Brooklyn Center. In Minnesota, just outside of Minneapolis, where protesters are standing off right now, with police in that city new tonight as well. Investigators say student at a Tennessee high school fired at officers and was killed by police this afternoon. The shooting involved officers responding to a report of a possible our men. Officers found a student in a bathroom and ordered him out, but he would not comply. Then the student opened fire, wounding an officer before he was shot and killed. Police say no, the person killed or wounded in the shooting, and that the scene has been secured. Now at Austin East Magnet High School in Knoxville. At least one of the person is being detained for questioning and the school is now secure Your health sponsored by BC Health Get Vaccinated D C. Go to vaccinate dot D c dot.

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