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And we do have a few people. Thank for show. Thirteen thirteenth viscount. Jd amac of the digital prairie indicator illinois Starts us off at one hundred five dollars and fifty three cents followed by jessica burke for one hundred forty dollars thousands of birthday wait wait switcheroo donation to or smoke husband nathan burke so we'll just have to mention that he's on the list he should be mentioned out. Mid mid nathan burke gets the one hundred and forty michael dougherty one hundred and forty theodore slate run pennsylvania. One thirty one fifty three needs him. Robot needs a devotion. Douched yet tim He sent this note. He said you don't have to read it and we wouldn't typically anyway because it's a under the reading level The the cutoff were execs associates. But i do want to say he said any thoughts and prayers. When my mom's health from the no agenda producers will be greatly appreciated. She's in. She's struggling a bit. So yes of course. That's good mama's lip John knowles in murfreesboro tennessee. When fifteen twenty one a He's got lgbt n. B. s. one fifteen twenty three. Sir don barrington new hampshire one hundred dollars kevin regan. Ninety nine ninety nine Has got some common about no till architecture. Ashland davis eighty five or kevin mcglaughlin duke of luna lover of america and boobs once again day. Eight oh eight to andrey peaked you in row reiswig vache. And the lack. Anyone addition spend deduce -duced. He's also under boot wagon at eight. Oh eight mike. As as as mid gouello pez and flanders new jersey eight. Oh eight sir. Craig northeast georgia six nine six nights for bebop night of the frozen tundra five six seven eight. Nice i angela coom beira in prescott arizona fifty six john ronnie over the birthday for brother. Joe john monaco fifty five eleven. David weicker or wicker of fifty five ten scott rising to five ten a sir. Lucas of the lost bits in federal way washington fifty five ten. Peter chong fifty five ten in lakewood washington day should have meet up michael gates fifty to eighty s baron surf vietnam in appleton wisconsin. Fifty to twelve. Bob low if even fifty and the following people are fifty dollar donors name and location starting with bart beak vilder inveigle north brabant. Netherlands joel ruin in bakersfield california. Matthias meal chinse ski stevenson beach. California edward missouri memphis tennessee. Jonathan mayer xenia. Ohio chisholm cook in boulevard birth built bulverde texas a michael burr fiend in talmadge ohio villarroel villarroel now serve villarreal. I'm sure a fifty troy watson. Nath nathan grey and see. Bring florida the polish indian in loveland. Colorado william dole gay in bristol ville ohio and last on the list is jason deluge zeo. Who used to be in chats pennsylvania but appears to be in miami beach limited up sir jason. I might add these. People are our producers for show thirteen ninety seven. Yeah and we'll be on her begin to gloss to fourteen hundred short day today. We didn't have as many donors as is usual but They're all appreciated at the at the at the pace we're going I think show fifteen hundred may coincide with Episode fifteen hundred. Does that make sense. We you said show. Fifteen hundred will coincide with our fifteenth anniversary. I'm sorry the fifteen adversary. Maybe it's pretty close yeah. Gamblers is going to be maybe higher than that. But we'll see okay. Well thank you very much through these producers who have brought it once again. We really appreciate that. Also people who came in under fifty dollars for the sustaining donations. these are mainly pay subscriptions. You can just you can just keep keep going and it supports the show a very important because it gives us kind of kind of a base to live on and We appreciate that also very very much. If you'd like to learn how to become a producer associate executive producer or executive producer..

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