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The day all right so this is the most popular thing that's do god's does it's the most popular things this the most popular thing the show does put on the porgera at laboratories show arched god's his weekend observations the most popular thing they showed i think it's the club i really do i think the club is the most this is up there this is up there are people way the gather round they wait ford they're excited they'll stay in their cars if they're driving around on macgill yep so here it is still got is weekend observations it is time for his ghastly sherry skin notes no one in the media will tell you what happened better that might boyce who he can't spell back without you the andrei hopkins still fake tom savage is a better quarterback then duchamp watson la rams clicking on all cylinders rams eagles nfc conference title game collision course jeff fischer with that team went foreign twelve the buccaneers more like the suck in ears go i've been watching football for a long time and upsala nya that was the worst set of one o'clock games in the history of the nfl you know what the rams put up on the giants 850 burger the eagles also went for fifty tyree irving laughing last collision course dan last week at night soldier the ohio state bought guys were back this week they are not college football chaos the best college football weekend since last weekend adding sale next weekend kevin sunlen your days are numbered i'm pretty sure if the patriots were forced to turn over all their cell phones from there craft brady bella check era we'd vacate all their way in super bowls and throw them in prison wait what floods what happened there what are you talking about you know what i'm talking about if we took all their phones those three we vacate all win we take away all the lombardi trophy as your and they probably get thrown in prison.

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