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I DIDN'T CARE. Jayme voted not interesting side ocean. Somebody can I? There's also longtime listener. Who are wonderful. Let's ours are active in our facebook group. So I saw how you voted. Kharlamov say their names. I can remember their names. Would I remember their names? I'm just not doing it. Good guy see you anyway. The point is so people are in the comments mark. Now I think marks Heart Disgusting I. Let's look at Don. Went there discussing like gross. Not Sexy at no one was mean. Okay good okay. Of course and that's the point we're not and then I noticed Diana has take free. Diana was in the comments like knocking back to people think lake not fighting but she was certainly like defending her man and was like. Oh Shit. The thinly didn't think about when we were discussing the sex life and marks lamb chops with his Co. hunt is what Diana would feel about people's opinions about how mark looked in it so when I'm reading her comments on my own. My God did Diana's feelings get hurt. Is she angry so I called Mark? No we're good but it did make me think she's not mad. She thought it was funny. She liked Riley getting all riled up in the conversation but it made me think like Oh God was I in trouble. I've thought that for about an hour. Okay the other thing. We talked about bisexual the GINA. How she calls me and leaves me like eight. Long life meals. We Love Bisexual Medina and like she does ramble and the voice and we love it. We live for it. So we played the voicemail and we all laughed. We got a good laugh about it. I thought it was really funny. I thought Oh now I bet genus GonNa be so excited that she was on the podcast and she was in fact she left. We also US Gina. I think it's so fun that you played my voicemail on the podcast. I think it's Hilarious to just pick a time. See what I'm talking about. I see everyone loved that people's that so funny. You got to keep doing that. What a great new gimmick. But that's a really fun game. I just want you to know that. It's like a voicemail. So yeah I talk and I ramble. But that's not how I wake Converse People. I just if I were to come on the PODCASTS I wouldn't just dominate the conversation. It was just all right. So there's the little she's because I said if she came on it would be really hard to get a word in edgewise. Because she just talks talks talks so I think Jean is now in her. She was listening excited. We talked about her and then was all up in her feelings. Inc a little bit about what we said. Kind of a bummer. 'cause I go if I were to come on the PODCASTS. I don't wouldn't just dominate the conversation. It was just kind of a bummer to hear back because I have talked with you before and we have said that when you talked to her in real life shoot idea so continue. There was one time they even said I would make a great fill in for Nikki's say I did say that because I think she would just like cookie. Come in to fill in for people bisexual to be a great villain sometimes negative. It was ever gone time and I totally think that's true and I hope you do too leg. It's not a big deal. I just don't want you to think that I walk around every day. Just like talking people's ear off. Well hold that separately not the case. It's just if I don't ramble in a voicemail. This is what happens. That's a good point. I don't know why K she should be a lawyer. You lose us. She's saying she she's saying I don't ramble in real life. I rambled in a voice mail because talking back so her arguments. She says if she didn't walk around every day just like talking people's ear off. That's definitely not the case. It's just if I don't ramble in a voicemail. This is what happens why you would wanNA listen. Nothing voice with example. She's so great so anyway off. No I just want you to know that I know how to talk to be bowl without completely taking over. And it's like one of my dreams to be a guest on the podcast. I mean it was just my dream to like call in to the podcast and maybe I do need to like lower my expectations a little and I know that it's all in good fun like know you're just joking around. I just want to confirm that I really just leave. These voice mails for fun. I also had no idea that you were asking questions. I didn't see your tweet until like the next day so I wasn't try see. But here's the Oh she's rambling now. It's a little rambler right when you start to think going to come to. A close picks up again to complete that assignment. I was just doing some side extra credit work. I was not aware there was an assignment so I would've asked a question. I don't want you to think that I'm like literally never shuts up like knows. Just just rambling a voicemail. That's all I hope. You consider me as a guest eventually because I definitely would not take over your show. That's all so I love you very much and I still do hope to participate in whatever way I can in the future so have a great night. Kiss cash okay. So here's the deal right so I want I want her to now and I want anybody we ever talk about two now and I want to know this is all for fun right. It's over funsies. So nobody gets their feelings hurt now. Gina says she wants to come on the show. Let me tell you something. I would love to have bisexual Gina on the show. She's listening I'd love to have her on the shop you know This is the promised bisexual the Gina. If you're listening to this program right now you have an official invite to on show. We'll do an in depth interview with you. I I and you can prove that you're not a rambler. All right you can come on prove to us that you can hold a great conversation right. Yeah I don't exactly know what we'll do. What Saguenay. We'LL DO FRIGATE CREATE A game. She listener who lives in Arizona. Comes to our live shot. We love her. Leaves Me Long voicemails? All the time I listened to the whole here. You think I listen to him. I don't like you Gina. Yeah you likely and the other thing is when you come on this show you kind of have to accept the fact that you could be the butt of a joke. The there's A. There's bits that we do you poke fun at me. You kinda have to get a little bit of a thicker skin. But I do understand where she was coming from where she hasn't been on the show to prove her earth. Yes she's like. Hey just don't make an assumption so I'm David get her on the show me to anyone who's idea what we could do with. Sexual Gino Do. I don't exactly know what kind of game play. It should have something to do with rambling. Like how long we can ramble for like. That's good. We could do in that Ballpark Bisexual the genus buy sell juice. Come up with the title of the game backwards famous. Gina's are there any other famous? We can use to Gena Davis Trivia. That's good name another famous Gina. Gina Davis Davis Gina for Martin Down Gina Girl Out Gina. Romley Day. That's the game we're GONNA play. Damn Gino but I don't know exactly what the game is. Yes okay. We'll figure it out good job. I'm also pissed about something white. Do you know the last time something exciting happened to me. I assume it was. When you're watch got broken really thrilling. Something really thrilling happened to me. Could you could you? Anyone thinks just started the crystal CONC. I mean something really We are adrenaline. Goes six with yourself now and I'm not. There is no answer here because I don't know unless actually asking you does any remember when that happened to me in something exciting happened. 'cause quarantine is not exciting right. Was this a new book now. That's probably the last time on stage right. Yea but I'll tell you this time in something exciting like ooh. Ooh that kind of thing. I don't know right. Yeah so if that kind of thing were to happen would be exciting right. It'd be a drop everything you're doing kind of thing that happened. But I couldn't drop things the one time I have something to do. I had to film something for a television show in my home. Just on the zoom in the phone and all that stuff like American idol. Who probably put your put pieces together? I'm on a show finale coming up so I had like there. Were there was production office people producers on zoom me filming a thing lighting setup of the whole situation the one time according. I have something to do and as like all right Rossi you ready. I'm thinking that normally would have elicited such adrenaline and excitement from our habits. And I can't pay attention to it. I have to act like it's not happening. What I'll tell you what that is in one second because guess what everybody or.

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