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So this yeah off the trampoline we could all job of a damn trampoline we get all job she's Myers I'm trying to think when I played who the guys were I'm trying to think it would be illegal white perceiving a Boston and Utah is it does it to white teams and it's it's through Bobby Hansen was there anybody man I really then the Celtics didn't really have anybody bird wasn't a doctor McHale wasn't a dunker angel was an a Duggar Wedman wasn't a doctor in the black as long as either Fred Roberts I don't know there really is well no they were not really really did have a lot of guys that could they could dunk on that team I'm just trying to go through like a C. Portland played polo on it I can't think of anybody the clippers can't think of anybody Lakers can't think of anybody yeah hello you wanna try an exercise we tried to about ten years after it for tired we tried to put together two all star teams I maybe is longer that maybe is when I first started here we try to put the other two all star teams of white American players can do it this is what American player right now couldn't do it right now who's the best as a kid question Asian American dollars usually a two way is is everything here that citizenship in red blooded American white dude was the best of your going the best because it what American Dante DiVincenzo what.

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