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For the dead pool series but if you read it you'll not realize that it's not something that he wrote for the series because first of all that would be a legal for him to share those scripts because they don't belong to him and second of all the script itself is basically a short dead pool episode about why the show was cancelled and in it contains plenty of cryptic and definitely not cryptic reasoning as to why marvel may be wasn't a fan of what donald glover was doing with the deadpool series it's a really a larry's and fascinating read it simultaneously gives us an idea of what donald glover would have done with deadpool and also lays out the problems that it seems that he had with marvel not being happy with what he did with the script go ahead no you got it i was just gonna say this contains a lot of references to things that have happened in the pop culture world in the past like twenty four hours of something so this is like you're mentioning it it's not something that was already written it's something that he essentially just wrote like on the fly right yeah exactly there's there's references to the recent viral story about beyond say being bitten at one of her parties that that tiffany haddish apparently started as a thing the whole episode itself is about deadpool being hired to protect sudan the last surviving northern white rhinoceros which is something that happened last week so there's plenty of stuff in this script.

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Marvel, Larry, Donald Glover discussed on /Film Daily

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