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So thera gun dot com slash kirk fair gun dot com slash Kirk. I was sent the story here at Some of our listeners prematurely dot com and I guarantee you that the mainstream press and B. L. INC will not be mentioning it. A black teen was shot and killed Minneapolis. His name was Andre Coley. He worked for Lacy Johnson's campaign. The Republican running to unseat the ingrate. Align Omar. For a second time. Just for a second, imagine if a black staffer working, for Eline, Omar or any Democrat was gunned down in the street. The Johnson Campaign said this quote. It is shocking unnecessary acts of violence like this. That prove why change is more needed than ever before in our community the Johnson. Campaign said in a statement. Now keep in mind this comes after the Minneapolis City Council. Voted to defend. The local police. and. Then today it was reported from the Minneapolis City Council quote residents are asking where the police said council member Jamal Osman. Noting that constituents calls to Minneapolis Police Department have gone. unanswered. Quote that is the only public safety option they have at the moment Minneapolis Police Department they rely. On, the MP and they are saying they are nowhere to be seen. It's funny how that works you define the police you demonize them. The two months later. Some people are surprised. They say we'll wear the police. When you vote Democrat. This is what you get. And crimes not gone down without the police. Andre Coley was the city's fifty nine homicide victim of the year and the ninth who is under the age of eighteen. Here's an honest question. Did his life not matter to be l. m.. Inc.. Crime is not just up is going way up in Minneapolis of course it is. We knew this was the case I said this back on a local radio program back in May as soon as I saw George Floyd. Murdered. I said countless and dozens of black people are going to die because the police are going to retreat and the Ferguson effect is going to happen Ferguson Missouri police retreat. They feel they're not welcome. Black people get slaughtered in the streets. Brandt Williams from NPR said this. While the city council members floated the idea of riddling the cities of its police department, the city has been plagued by months of higher than usual crime, violent crimes such as salts, robberies, and homicides, as well as property crimes like burglaries and auto thefts are up compared to two thousand nineteen according to the PD crime data reviewed by m P. R. More people have been killed in the city and the first nine months of this year all of last year property crimes like burglaries and auto thefts are also up incidents of arson have increased fifty five percent versus where they were last year. When you allow criminals to run free. The marginalized and the oppress in our society get hurt the most. It's not just bad for all people. It's especially bad for the marginalized. People of color who the left and B. M. says they represent. Get disproportionately affected when white liberal radical. So chaos in our society. So, far from being oppressors, the police are actually liberators. They are agents of justice. Yes. They are peace officers. Now off course police officers do foolish things and do things they shouldn't do. But. When you have no police, you have no peace. Now you see the tragedy of what happens when white liberals implement their central planning schemes and Black America the fifty nine, th homicide. This guy was just volunteering for a Republican to challenge Eland Omar and he was gunned down in the street and the mainstream press has not mentioned at all whatsoever doesn't matter to be L. Ellen. It is not a top tier. issue. If a volunteer for the Bernie Sanders campaign or for any other race was murdered in the street. Mind you if that person was murdered by police officer. Oh my goodness it would be the entire country was burnt down however Andre Coli being a black republican his life. Does not matter to be L. N.. It's an inconvenience, it doesn't fit the narrative. So now that you've seen Minneapolis defunding their police and demonize their police you're now seeing. Anyone with money leave downtown. Minneapolis. And it has turned into a mid western equivalent of Gotham city. where the strong rise to the top, whoever has the bigger gun or the bigger baseball bat win the argument and the police are nowhere to be found. Blm Inc stems from critical race theory. Beal ink is made possible when you don't teach our children history BLM and its surrogates on the Minneapolis City, council are given power when a nation does not have a shared historical or cultural identity. This is what the President confronted head-on heroically with the seventeen seventy, six commission. People ask me all the time. Charlie, what can I do take the education of your children as the most important thing in your life, teach them our values make them read biographies of the greats of our country. Dive deep into the history of America. The good. The bad. The ugly the complex and the heroic, but be unafraid to talk about the arc of a nation. That was founded in rebellion rooted and first principles bled and died over almost torn apart. And now to this day, the greatest country ever to exist in the history of the world when you don't communicate that radical insurgent movements like be l. m.. We'll take political power and try to tear our country apart from within. The future. Actually depends on us. She'll be very optimistic actually if we do our job, we win the future. If we educate if we communicate these values, we can win tomorrow. Mr President thank you. For taking decisive and bold action to get our kids to love. America. Again, you are the bodyguard of Western civilization and you showed us that exactly today fighting for the American founding up against critical race theory and also standing strong..

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