Nevada, President Trump, Joe Biden discussed on America First with Sebastian Gorka


From townhall dot com on John Scott. In a surprise move, President Trump is fire Defense Secretary Mark Esper. Esper was the president's second defence secretary, succeeding Jim Matters who resigned in 2018. Christopher Miller, the director of the National Counter Terrorism Center, will serve his acting secretary. Former vice president Joe Biden morning that the United States still facing a very dark winter is it battles the pandemic? White House correspondent Greg Clugston reports describing it as excellent. Biden cheered the early data that Pfizer's virus vaccine candidate is 90% effective. But he said the pandemic is far from over. It's clear that this vaccine even if approved I'll not be widely available for many months yet to come, and he warned that the country still faces a very dark winter as covert 19 hospitalizations and deaths rise. Biden also implored all Americans to wear a mask. No matter who you voted for. Great Clugston. Washington HUD Secretary Ben Carson has tested positive for the Corona virus. Carson, the first member of President Trump's Cabinet, known to have tested positive. Also a townhall dot com team Trump laying the groundwork for a new lawsuit in Pennsylvania. President's attorneys concerned about possible voting irregularities in several states are filing court actions. Senator Roy Blunt says it's important to let the president's team investigates going to be much easier to Work toward the kind of transition we want, Uh, look at the inauguration, which I'm going to have the honor of chairing again this time and bringing the country together. If everybody feels like We went through a process and everybody was heard. The Missouri Republicans speaking with a bee sees this week, the president has not conceded with votes still being counted in some states and recounts likely as well. On Wall Street, The Dow ahead nearly 4.5% more of these stories at townhall dot com. Now, the O'Reilly update brings you something, you might not know the 2020 election now in the books voters in predictable battleground states, narrowly sending Joe Biden to Washington for the next four years. At least, that's where it stands now, and the nation was focused on a very unusual place for most of last week. Nevada. That state has about 1.3 million registered voters. 680,000 Democrats 590,000 Republicans. For five days, Nevada with a population of just three million, about half of what Houston has was completely unable to count their votes. Here's why In August, Nevada secretly passed assembly bill for in the middle of the night. That legislation guaranteed every registered voter in the state of Mallon ballot for the general election. Supporters claim the move with shortened wait times and protect residents from Cove. It Critics said the entirely new process was caused a disaster on election day, and they were right. Incompetent officials in Nevada blanket in the region with ballots duplicates incorrect names, outdated addresses. Even sending documents to dead people. When it came time to count the votes. Poll workers were understaffed and uneducated on how the process works. The ballots are first sent through a machine in Nevada. Verifies the data collection staffers that examinees signature on every vote later, a review was done to make sure the total number of ballots process matches the number receipt. If the council wrong the whole process starts again. That's chaotic. The ball's in Nevada close at seven PM last Tuesday night. As of today, just 94% of the vote has been counted. And here's something else you might not know. If you think things are bad in Nevada, it's even worse in Alaska. That state is a population of 700,000. They have counted less than 60% of the vote. Come on Alaska now. Alaska has three electoral votes. Nevada's six they will not decide the election. Alaska will go for Trump, Nevada, probably for buying But please, let's stop. The madness back after this. There are thousands of animals abandoned in the wilderness that need our help..

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