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Military appreciation during the May show it with using the Hashtag mission military. Thanks get out there on Social Media Post what you won't show your support and use the Hashtag mission. Military things are members of the mission. Maybe federal is federally insured by. Ncua back talk with Marine veteran. George Bryant from mind of George George Phenomenal Story. Thanks for sharing all that some really deep stuff on. We could spend probably a couple hours talking about that. But if we wanted to talk about your after your two year hiatus of basically just unplugging from everything you decide to come back in went into the digital marketing world so you're you're one of the highest paid digital marketing consultants world in the world really this point and when you came back and started digital marking. Walker's through that and in talked a little bit about how you went. Basically from you weren't really starting from zero because you've been in an done it myself. So yeah so what was pretty interesting. Just kind of like the marine mentality was. Nobody's GonNa give me what I need but we have to make it work anyways and You know that's how I built my career in the Marine Corps. And that's how I built my career you know with the company Civilized Caveman when I ran it and But through that process self taught myself everything. I self taught email marketing affiliate marketing social media website design photography a lot of different aspects in areas of digital marketing. And when I went dark like when I deleted social media and a pretty big following right like I had a lot of people that knew me I was connected to a lot of people and people started to see me and call me and during that period when I wasn't really online getting a lot of phone calls like hey. I know you're not doing this anymore. But can you come help our company do this? I'm like yeah I'll help you. I started flying all over the world helping companies you know build and scale their companies and I've worked with men's health titles Taylormade Adidas Reebok vital proteins on it like the list goes on and And it was in that process when I was dark with the world. I was doing this as a consultant and helping people do what I had done. And I learned a lot through it and I figured out a way to basically the world's of human psychology understanding NLP neuro linguistic programming and marketing altogether into one world and started utilizing it to build some really big successful companies. And I've helped people all the way from pre revenue all the way up to seven billion dollars a year in revenue and All of it came from being self taught and so really what it was is kind of my mindset was always Field of dreams is bullcrap. Like if you build it they don't come you kind of have to build it with people and so that was kind of my thing. I'm like okay. Well I didn't know I was a consultant. People like Hey. I want your help and I'm like cool and then like why would I pay you? I'm like why would you pay me? I'll just help you know your consultant. Like what does that mean like. Oh you charge money for your brain and I'm like oh I like this. I'm addicted to hearing myself. Talk like I can do this and That's really like how it was but it wasn't like oh. I'm going to build this consulting business. I'm going to do this. It was like I'm GonNa find people that need my help and I'm going to help them. And then when we're done if they decide they want more they want to pay me. That's a really good way to do business. Because we're playing. Reciprocity you and I you pay me second and it just Kinda became the way that I started doing business and through that though I started applying a lot of those same principles to Digital Marketing. You know came up with seven marketing laws. I started studying creating customer journeys. I started teaching people the conscious and subconscious Customer Journey. And how to do all this right and really work in business on a level deeper than the transaction right which goes from making one time customers to making lifetime customers and so after about two years of doing it silently For a lot of other people you know tell everybody I was like Bruce Wayne in Batman. Right like Bruce Wayne Go. You're this food blogger. But underneath the surface I was literally helping companies make millions and billions of dollars You know like the most money I've ever spent a month on facebook ads as twenty five million dollars which is kind of mind blowing to think about a month in a month about twenty five million well Zuckerberg you. Yeah I mean it's like and listen. I was lucky I created a job where I got to play monopoly with other people's money and it was a really really good job because I didn't have any risk now of course like I didn't sleep most of the time because it's like Oh my God I can't lose this money. I'm going to make it work to make it work but I got to learn a whole lot through a whole lot of experience very very fast and I I realized the ineligibility taking somebody who literally just finished boot camp and dropping him into country and being like get ready to learn. That's kind of what it felt like and But I evolved adopted pretty quickly and then after doing it I realize that most of the companies I was helping weren't really interested in helping other people. They were interested in helping their bottom line. They wanted bigger jets. They want bigger houses. They wanted more money and I was like I felt pretty empty and I was like. Why am I using this talent? I have to help people. That aren't really going to help. More people like this isn't why I do what I do. And this isn't why joined the Marine Corps. And why do I WANNA do good in the world like I've caused enough pain? I've caused enough damage and so my wife looked down in the I one day and she said baby. It's time to go help people that need the help and I was like okay. She's like go back on social media and I'm like okay cool. I just started a facebook group and I was like. I'm GonNa Break The digital marketing game because I'm going to give away everything for free that most people charge for because just like healthcare like I think I think every human deserves access to basic healthcare. I think every human deserves access to clean water. I think every entrepreneur deserves a fighting chance to know if they have an opportunity to win without having to pay for it and I've watched way too. Many people take anywhere from a grand to a hundred thousand dollars from people and give them nothing and put them into dead in cash out their 401K's and I was like you know what I can't teach the stuff that I teach and live differently. And you know. Human beings don't pay for products. They use products to vote with their dollars to pay for access and accountability. And so I was like if I give away everything for free. I'm going to build a community of people. I'M GONNA help a ton of people and I feel like once they win and get momentum. They're going to be more inclined to work with me in the first place. And that's Kinda how I built my model and so far. It's been working really really well. I now own eight companies. That all came to me for free You know I own a supplement company diaper bag company a protein bar company a couple of digital marketing companies. And I. I literally spend all my days everyday. giving away three to four hours of content for free to help anybody in business understand marketing. The psychology of marketing social media offers paid media search every every strategy and tactic that you could ever have but always built on a solid foundation and so You know when I when I think about that and I think about you know people that listen to this and one of the things that I see most businesses struggle with. Is that one of the things that I focused on the most. When I hope people is getting really really clear right so the analogy would be. Don't be a sniper rifle a shotgun and you know understanding that you don't need funnels you don't need automations. You don't need software like buying a gym membership. Doesn't make you skinny going to the gym. Makes you skinny if you buy software and services and tools doesn't make your business work it actually over complicates them. It's the relationship with your customers. And what you do in the journey that you take them on. That makes it work and so I basically told my team last year. I said I wanNA break the digital marketing system and I said so. Here's what we're GONNA do. We're going to take everything that we know we're going to give it away for free and all those crap. Excuse my I myself although I know I was like. I don't know if you have an explicit podcast. I'm doing really good Adult all the all the crap on the Internet. They're going to have to do one of two things. They're either going to go out of business and stop stealing from people or they're going to have to up their game actually deliver on what they promise and so we started that about a year ago. We literally post videos for free every single day in a facebook group. Which is you know when you go to mind of George DOT COM. You get all of this stuff for free in our facebook group and then now we're launching podcast and a youtube channel and I literally every day post or create anywhere between a a three and a thirty minute video for free on different aspects of business. How to do certain things how to scale certain things how to fix things and and we cover all of it because you know entrepreneurs and especially small to medium businesses are what makes this world run and without us people's lives don't change without us. Economy doesn't run without us. The world stays this aim. And it's not the big businesses right and and when I say small to medium. I'm talking up to like five hundred million a year. Because that's what's considered mid cap on on the bay on the big side right and so you know. My mission is to help anybody. And it doesn't matter if you're pre revenue or doing a billion a year because when you focus on the right things the right strategies tactics foundations and principles like you have a guaranteed chance of success. You just got to be very intentional. Methodical about what you do. And that's kind of how I how I see Digital Marketing. And and the one caveat. I'll say and this is one of the things I asked people all the time people like how do you learn this stuff and I was like well? I taught myself ninety nine percent of it and I said but I'm not a genius. Not The brightest Cryan in the box right. Like I'm tenacious am stubborn right and solve like. I'll do it until I figured out and I said but you know one of the ways that I look at digital marketing is that most people get wrong and most people get it wrong because they think digital marketing is different than being in a relationship in person. And it's not and so like one of the things that doing like if I owned a grocery store would this make sense and I'm like oh no so like so. I probably shouldn't do online and like I'll give you an example. I love this one. Can you imagine if you went to the grocery store? And you weren't on isolation or whatever's going on went to the grocery store and you went to buy a dozen eggs in the you paid for and then you took two steps like wait. Do you want a dozen more? I'll just add to your credit card. You no I just bought a dozen and then you walk three more steps like wait. I'll give you four dozen for half the price like we'd get arrested for assault right.

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