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T. O. T. mobile experience available free at your favorite apps store not just W. T. O. P. your WTOP it's ten thirty six health officials say dozens of people at a southwest Missouri hair salon may have been exposed to covert nineteen two stylists and one Springfield Missouri hair salon of tested positive after exposing as many as one hundred forty seven clients and coworkers officials say all those involved wore masks and were advised to self quarantine only if they develop symptoms because the salon kept detailed records of his customers contact tracing was relatively quick after positive testing the facility was closed for cleaning and sanitizing statewide hair salons were closed during the lockdown but were allowed to reopen may a fourth as restrictions are relaxed during on CBS news a federal judge striking down a Florida law that required felons to pay off court fees before they could register to vote judge comparing that to a poll tax also stating that Florida had not created a system that would let the felons figure out just how much they owed ruling clears the way for thousands of Floridians to register in time for the November presidential elections supporters of the law say they have already said they will work to reinstate it sometimes the apple your smartphone doesn't give you the full story the crash involving the overturned tractor trailer near the Woodrow Wilson bridge the earlier flooding has receded and both of your lanes are open outer loop before river road downed tree along the right side but it's in that extra lane with a fuel leak their training the saddle tanks right now there's a hazmat crew on the scene WTOP he gives you the why behind the what in your traffic woes traffic reports every ten minutes on the aids on WTOP good Sunday evening it's ten thirty traffic and weather on the aids and when it breaks remains a very quiet ride around the capital beltway through both Maryland and Virginia no major issues to report Virginia quiet so far headed north in Virginia in the Fredericksburg and headed north to Fredericksburg to Stafford into prince William across yeah Quan and headed up toward the beltway in Springfield no incidents in your way get express lanes are open to northbound traffic three ninety five north between about way the fourteenth street bridge also in good shape you have the express lanes available there as well southbound three ninety five south on nineteen I ninety five from the fourteenth street bridge point south of Fredericksburg and no incidents reported the roadway so far traffic's been flowing freely now if you're traveling in the district again in good shape and DC two ninety five and I. two ninety five L. inside beltway smuggling prince George's county is looking good the Baltimore Washington parkway but inside outside of Daum without early issue still running on on both sides of I. ninety five between the capital Boeing the Baltimore beltway two seven north and south between developing Frederick also running well if folks are coming back from eastern shore fifteen thrill one in good shape to the merging Queenstown beyond two to cross the bay bridge no additional issues in your way returning W. Chevy traffic tonight temperatures are going to fall into the fifties we are looking at a cloudy quiet night tomorrow morning waking up.

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