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Twenty six degrees in fair right now going up to thirty five in the forecast in just minutes. Thank you for the real feels fourteen. Good morning. I'm Kathleen marvel cowb- when's this damn at the tone by thirty. Good morning. I'm Brian Britain billionaire Amazon founder Jeff Bezos hitting back hard at the National Enquirer after he said, they tried to extort and blackmail him by threatening to release nude pictures of him and his girlfriend, Lauren. Sanchez course, you've been hearing about those picks. But now looks like the feds may get involved. Bays publishing a blog aimed at inquirer publisher, David Becker, exposing the scheme and now federal prosecutors indeed involved correspondent Brian Todd here with a portion of the bog blog written by basis after Mr. Trump became president. He rewarded mister Peres loyalty with a White House dinner to which the media executive brought a guest with important ties to the royals in Saudi Arabia at the time. Mr. Packer was pursuing business there while also hunting for financing for acquisitions so now, yes, the feds are involved bazo saying the whole thing chocked up to political retribution claims that pecker a longtime friend of President Trump went after him because he's been critical of the Trump administration the alleged blackmail. Federal prosecutors here in New York on the case, they're looking to see if his violates the immunity deal that Packer has that was after the inquires parent company. AM I was reportedly involved background. Michael Cohen allegedly paid one hundred and fifty thousand bucks hush payment to a former playboy model. She threatened to go public with her story about having sex with President Trump ten years ago. Basically the deal is pecker said he wouldn't engage in any criminal activity for three years. If pecker is found have violated that agreement. Prosecutors can charge him in the Cohen case as well as other criminal plots. He may have engaged in. Five.

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