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Is about to buy more or less. And finally and Oklahoma Animal Park that was featured on the Tiger King Netflix series is clued old. Greater winwood exotic animal park owner Jeff sweet shirt low. Shirt. Announced Tuesday that he has forfeited his USDA exhibitors license and the park is closed effective immediately. Earlier. This year at Oklahoma federal judge awarded ownership at the zoo, which was once operated by Joe Exotic to Ford Animal Rights Activists. Carol. Best. Of News. And now go over to the sports debt. It's time for fan five on the power trip presented by all around property preservation. The Minnesota twins won four three and twelve innings on a Polanco hit slash fielder's choice that scored Boxton but that's an even the best part Kenta Maeda through a whale a ballgame he had a no hitter going into the ninth when Eric Sogard hit a week ass bloop single to break it up. You has one hell of a run so much. Thank you his final line he went he gave up one hit he struck out twelve, and at one point he struck out eight in a row, which is the twins record for eight straight strikeouts. So does he? Record was that a tying record. A hidden and fielder's choice? No, no no but he's sort of muddled his way through it. said that can tomato struck out eight in a row? The twins record for eight streets Not Ever. got. Matching, shirts you got me all plus these to you. Same t shirts and it's hard to concentrate get. Your. Do you think your husband and my wife would mind if we got married to I just want to spend more time with you. Want to walk around and here you do things like you just did us. Random? People. Can your wife be married to someone who will have a quarterly spreadsheet? Quarterly spreadsheet who the hell does that mean it. Takes into account your all of your assets and all of your debts, and it's just a running chart that gets updated every morning talk about my bedsheets. Times a year. I don't have time for that after you three. I'm going to do that. In just to finish the thought, it's actually. Helpful because it's a very. Easy Way to see this is our. These are assets versus our debt and how much it changes in how Oh your as your mortgage payment as you pay off your house and your student loans or whatever it is that you have in card. Yeah. It's right there in front of you. That's what he tells me, Gotcha. Yeah. What a game by eight? Oh. What A. Finish holy that was. That was multiple games in one I. Liked how how twitter? For about. This is great. Welcome to the twin cities candidate and then in the ninth inning and they were like, yeah welcome to the twin cities get used to this. This is how it works in the twin cities. You have your heartbroken constantly when it comes to sports. I bet that would have been on twitter. Follow Kato Kaylin on twitter. Probably. True. Fan. And he would have had about down. We won the game did we win the game or two three? We won the game. Hit fielder's choice. That's very strikeouts which is actively. Rosie about twenty minutes from now we'll do sauces trig eight forty Marnie Gilmour is earmarked parishes here. Say Three M Wednesday.

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