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Georgetown Road, Everything has come to a stop because the tractor, the jackknife tractor trailer in the big curve above the 2 70 sber. All travel has been stopped behind that all tribal coming from Chevy Chase, coming from coming from silver Spring and coming from college Park is going to be diverted at exit 36 year old Georgetown Road, and this is going to be the case for some time apparently do have atleast one heavy duty wrecker on scene. But apparently there's gonna be some more to clean up. We will keep you apprised of this as the morning continues, but for the moment outer loop, divert sat exit 36 year old Georgetown Road and will for some time the inner loop has not affected everything else on the Beltway is mercifully quiet, as is the right on 95. And on the B W Parkway across the Bay Bridge. We had three lanes going west to Lane's going. He's getting to it from the shore in the district Give waiting for the all clear and it should be coming shortly on the freeway westbound the crash activity before Potomac Park was over on the right side. You were getting by in single file to the left, but they were in the process of getting ready to pick that one up and take it all away. The rest of the rest of the district. Reid is in pretty good shape in Virginia 95 3 95 Far south as Fredericksburg. Fine Overnight work on 66 has picked up and gone home, waiting for an all clear er, something definitive on Georgetown Pike between Tolson Road and Bellevue Road color in the three o'clock hour found an incident there believe it's going to be crashing. All lanes were blocked in both directions. That is to say, both laid for blocked one going inspiration, so you'll have to turn around between Tolson Road and Bellevue Road. Get around the crash on Georgetown Park again. The outer loop of the.

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