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David Price, Baseball, Scott discussed on NBA Playoffs: Rockets at Warriors


David price where's the mouthguard when he pitches son real obvious to see but mouthguard that a lot of players will use helps to relieve relieve some tension other fall by regularly you know i never ever thought about i that always thought about it as a protection piece of mouthguard fees never some something that you're sharing with us that it can kind of take away some of that tension like riding go on to my understanding when it was introduced to players in baseball i mean obviously football player mouth guard and swinging a fly ball this is on the infield the second baseman scott it retires alex bregman long back gopher alex bregman is now one through three and there are to go on here in the bottom of the fifth that'll bring it to three hole hitter jose altuve eight here with nobody poured in the astros lady print on replace wigs that was a good one i want to tell these fans are walking up to the conference right now you can't leave your seats when jose altuve as hitting i mean that's just irreverent isn't it the fan favorite here should be easy mvp's your franchise face i them check this swing they'll appeal the first base umpire ben may says yes he did right one jose altuve bryce rented in underneath his hands and how to bake couldn't help himself cut so far in it was close to his back leg as he pivoted to swing here's the next from david price tool something off miss lord away one ball one strike three to one astros have done it with five hits and the two run home run by alex bregman lift three on base nobody aboard here red sox got their run back in the first on burland i'm going to tamper foul toward the third base dugout wanted to to jose altuve as one for two this one is singled in the first but was stranded rounded out to shortstop bogart's round number two in the third he has led the american league in hits each of the last four seasons and low and behold is back there again with eighty one at the top of the leaderboard tonight fastballs high two two.

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