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Watch any latino frontal assault me up you have no idea leo again on dong placards okay and i was kind of done with his movie about halfhour into it the opening the opening is effective and sort of moore's un and certainly liam niece in his excellent of playing a sympathetic uh former cop who is struggling and wants to protect his family at all at all costs but they're riding on the train and the ride goes on and on and on and on and on and none of it makes any sense the plot premise is completely preposterous never pays off you don't believe it for a moment and it's basically it's one of those homes also that's rated pg thirteen and with so much sadistic violence it really should be are but the film doesn't pay off despite the fact that there are good support getting roles playing police officers some of the former colleagues the main character by patrick wilson and sam neill a two stars for the commuter it's probably a ride that's not worth the ticket uh let's go to max in sacramento california you're on the michael medved show a uh you're sounding good michael on glad and hope your recovery continues um you know one of the things i noticed her all this and this kind of goes to your one of the previous callers remarks about you know maybe this is way things actually have to get done i disagree by the way i think things actually are getting done but i i'm i'm noticing that people are deriding the uh the divisive language or the harsh language but nobody's actually telling or assessing him as wrong um i've been i've been a pretty miserable parts of the world and i would have to say he's quite accurate no no no there are miserable parts of the world the problem isn't that he attacked the country's the problem is that he is attacking people who have been living in america hundreds of thousands of them for years and saying we don't want people like that here because they come from blank playing countries that's the problem and the problem with what the president did is he is blowing up what were very delicate and advance negotiations to try to reach a reasonable immigration compromise and it was a compromise that would have ended the chain migration that would have ended the division it would have ended the the a.

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