Two Minute, Fifty Five Seconds, Hundred One Yards discussed on NHL: Blackhawks vs. Berlin


Forty eight yard line for one yard so a hundred one yards for Lamar jacks in his fourth one hundred yard rushing game this season that's best by a quarterback in National Football League history he is twenty three rushing yards away from becoming the second quarterback over to have a one thousand rushing yards season it it is really impressive considering he averages over seven yards a carry Baltimore nearing midfield clock running three and a half minutes to go a second made a tight game Jackson back to pass how to close the San Francisco forty Andrews yes this stuff but not before injuries a sliding gate of twelve nice play by market Jersey gets down the middle of the field Castniidae settles in between so defenders those to inside linebackers dropping for San Francisco in again Lamar Jackson right on the mark the Niners have one time out the ravens have two were fifty five seconds away from the two minute warning and Baltimore with the most accurate kickers in NFL history Justin Tucker on the sideline tied at seventeen at first in ten minutes at the diner thirty nine yard line well said words the back part of a diamond formation in which the call is down as he gets across the thirty five to the thirty three close to the thirty two yard line news a yellow flag down on the far side of the field the two thirty four to go two flags down one of the near forty as well red island is our official this afternoon here comes the call illegal formation office the yeah the movie from the thirty nine to the forty four yard line the first in fifteen verbal had multiple tight ends in the nation I don't believe one of them was on the line of scrimmage what is it three thirty four to go tied at seventeen raven's at the San Francisco forty four Baltimore just breaking a total they'll play fourteen fifteen I've got Hazelhurst a tight end on the right Seth Roberts went out to the left wing room in the back field staff role for Jackson being say stop what's to finally stop is thirty four yard line Fred ward of the tackle grew to twenty one to go a gain of ten yes the I don't know who's the place I'm guessing Greg Roman but really it's Lamar Jackson and he's playing street ball San Francisco their third and final thirty seconds the Niners are banking they can get a stop here they can only stop in one more time on the two minute warning the final time out with two twenty one to go defended Lamar Jackson dude is Paul in fifty years and not just with his legs I know he's got a hundred and two yards rushing today I love the fact that he could change the throwing angle as well from over the top to three quarters to flat outside our I I mean it's it's St Paul if you're gonna pick teens and you just want one guy they could go can I I need a playmaker on my team well.

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