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A freeze warning for Sheboygan and all inland counties from one until nine o'clock tomorrow morning, then a frost advisory for Zakim Milwaukee received Kenosha county's tonight, partly cloudy and cold a low of thirty four from the WTMJ breaking news center. I'm Tony bet. The brewers are trying to do what they haven't done in thirty six years made it to the World Series to be sure there are some common elements the two clubs the only time the brewers made it to the World Series nineteen eighty two they were managed by west Alice native, Harvey keen this time around if they make it whitefish Bay's Craig counsel, I do feel like baseball in Wisconsin, and Milwaukee is part of my responsibility. And I'm the best reason to celebrate. This for me is how you see it makes everybody feel and how we've been able to take our fans and on a journey here this month and hopefully find some new fans that are enjoying baseball at Miller park. Doug, Russell WTMJ sports has the birds gear up. Milwaukee area. Baseball players of all ages are taking notice from the youth camps. So the collegiate level versus beavers running high. It's making a positive impact all around the city had baseball coach at MSNBC. Steve Sanfilippo tells me it's an amplified by what the team does off the field. They give back to the community. So well that they got those brewers they still camps during the summer. They just do a great job with keeping baseball freshman alive in the city and all around the state, and the Burs buzzes even helping out with recruiting and the birds do have until ten tomorrow morning to decide who makes the Rosser general manager David Stern says he'll use most of that time to explore the teams options one factor. The dodgers roster and how it affects who will hero for the crew hair a quality left handed hitting lineup. And so we need to make sure that the best we can we can control that group. And whether that means slightly different pictures or left handed pitcher or structuring our are pitching a little bit differently. Another other issue. The fact you could be a seven game series with the potential for three in a row in. Los Angeles, G Miller, WTMJ news, hundreds of thousands of people across several states are in the dark tonight and many people along the coastal areas. In the Florida, panhandle. Have no home to go to ABC's. David Mira got an aerial view of the devastation today. Tops blown right off homes entire blocks. Reduced a splintered piles of debris..

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