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All the time. Tom sullivan. Time it is. So. Today is the day that John Walker. Lindh is being released. I believe he's currently at Tara out of the which is one of the more intense super secure prisons federal prisons in in the country. This is a guy who was joined the Taliban. Before nine eleven. He's from he was born in Washington DC. But his parents moved to California he basically grew up in northern California and became involved in. Roman Catholic baptize Roman Catholic and all that. But he, he got involved in Buddhism Buddhist was away to go. And then he saw spike, Lee's film Malcolm X was deeply impressed sparked is interest in Islam. Started going around various mosques around northern California. And then left. At twenty years of age to Afghanistan to fight for the Taliban government against the Northern Alliance fighters as prior to nine eleven. So Richard Ingle from NBC basically lays out the back story about the American Taliban. His story is also fascinating one, if you look back at how he ended up behind bars, how we ended up with the Taliban, he's almost a story of the nine eleven era. Here is a young guy who converted to Islam moved over to the Middle East went to Yemen learned. Arabic fell in with extremists then crosses over into Afghanistan before nine eleven joins up with the Taliban, which was working in cahoots with, with al-qaeda and then compounding a terrible decision while he's there. I'll launches nine eleven which triggers the war American forces arrive. They arrest him. They put him in a prison. He's interrogated by a officer and then shortly after that interrogation that was a prison revolt in the facility. And that's the INS are Mike Spann was killed no indication at all that the, the American who's done Walker lid was involved in this death. But the fact that he was in that prison. He was interrogated that it was in Afghanistan after nine eleven and then there was the prison revolt of right after the tear Gatien made many people very upset linked to that death, and Mike, Spence family are among the people who are questioning why it is that he's being released to now if he still harbours extremist ideas. Yeah. So he's still harbours all these wonderful feelings about the Taliban and Al Qaeda, and he hates America. And he's been in prison. Almost twenty years, he was captured right after he was captured November twenty fifth two thousand one so couple months after nine eleven. This was it was captured by the Northern Alliance forces after his group surrendered at one of the sites where there was a battle. So Mike Spann was the CIA officer that was there. And was interrogating some of the prisoners in this prison? And then they had the revolt, Mike. Richard Engel said the CIA officer he was the first casualty on the battlefield overseas. That died after nine eleven. So back to Richard Ingle. He describes how US officials some of them are very nervous about the fact that this guy is getting released some US officials particularly in the Trump administration are asking right now. Mike Pompeo secretary of state just raised that a short while ago asking, why it was that officials decided to let him out on good behavior when there are numerous reports including letters that he has written indicating that he is still a supporter of violent extremism supported extremist groups, including ISIS. But the, the, the prison officials did decide to let him out and he's expected to he's out expected to be up now. Yeah. So he's somewhere. Hello, indiana. Somewhere in your neighborhood. Don't know where he's going. We don't have that information. Richard Ingle says, well, the US is going to try to keep an eye on this Taliban sympathiser, who is somewhere in the United States loose today. Very strict surveillance, no passport. He's expected to live, according to, to his family in the Virginia area he had hoped to live in Ireland because you don't supply to have an Irish citizenship, but his physical movements will be controlled. Also. We'll have to let thirties. No, every time he wants to get any kind of mobile device or internet connected device communications will be monitored. So I think it's fair to say he will have very, very strict controls, put on what he says, and what he does, but you can't put people behind bars for what they think. No. But and he was sentenced to twenty years and do the math. I mean, this is two thousand one to two thousand nineteen is eighteen years Zoe's, getting out a little early. But basically spent most of his twenty years. He's thirty eight years old now. And but still a crackpot. Still, a guy who has sympathy for our enemies. And so I don't know. Yeah. You can't arrest them for what is thoughts? Are he served his time almost, but this business about he has to report, whenever he, he has any device, that is capable of internet connection? Well, I don't know how they're going to that. I'm sure he's got family or friends, or somebody that he is going to be able to borrow wink, wink. Some sort of smartphone or tablet, or something that, which you'll be able to access the internet. So I don't see this turning out all that. Well, the guy seems like he's not all there, at least that was the last time we saw him when he was going through of the conviction of, of being a enemy combatant. So. I, I don't know. It's guy who is radicalized before nine eleven. And it was a big shock when they picked him up. They got him in Lodi, California. I remember right. But he, he basically I believe is family and he grew up in very affluent area of San Francisco Marin county. So it's not like the guys poor his parents got divorced while he was a teenager. Well lot of people's parents got divorced while they were teenagers turn into. I don't know. He just seemed like he was he's a strange guy who was searching around for different religions. And the fact that, that the movie, Malcolm X, inspired him. I'm sure that wasn't what Spike Lee was trying to do was get his interest marked on becoming Islam, and there's a lot of people who got interested in becoming Muslim and converted, but they're not running around trying to join the Al Qaeda crowd or Taliban. So we'll see. This is where. We're, we're now entering the era where some of these early prisoners of war are being released. Ireland wanted nothing to do with him. He said that he was Irish. He was a no more Irish than than the man in the moon born and raised born in Washington DC raised in California. Let's talk to John in California real quick before the break. Hi, john. Hey, Tom pleasure to talk to you. Like. The only the only thing I can wrap my head around it as maybe they're gonna gonna gonna surveillance, this guy track them. See where it goes. We talked to, you know what I mean. What do you get into? Well, yes. I mean, it will be interesting to see if he falls back into some sort of AVI round that wants to harm America. Well, yeah. I mean he's obviously still going home. So I mean if he's released died watch him, you know, I mean. That's the only thing one can do when one you know, aligns with the, you know, complete, you know, opposing side of American freedom. We'll see we'll see if that if that's what they're gonna do. But I gotta run, John. Thank you. Stop yelling at the radio and get on the.

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