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Having no answers for the Clemson defense. Tigers winning the championship going away winning at forty four sixteen clubs in scoring thirty unanswered points after falling behind in the first minute of the second quarter. The game was here on ESPN radio. Sean McDonough Todd Blackledge add the call Todd Blackledge dominant performance in the final analysis by the Clemson Tigers typical of their season a team effort. You know, I've watched Alabama play a lot of football games. I don't know that I've ever seen a team dominate them. At the line of scrimmage the way Clemson did deny the defensive line control the action and their offense of lying control. The accident protected their quarterback it was. As a dominant performance, they they won the statistics that mattered, particularly in the turnovers that was the difference in the first half of the football game. And then the second half they just continued to pour it on. They were clearly the best team on the field tonight and the best team in college football at dominant team they wind up winning including tonight their last ten games each of them by twenty or more points. Nobody saw that coming against this Alabama team forty four points scored by the offense and on defense. They stopped Alabama three times on fourth down including the fake field goal. Try by the crimson tide in the second half. And again, remember they did all of that with one of their best defensive lineman. Not in the ball game for the last two games. Texture Lawrence did not play again tonight. They didn't miss a beat. They weren't outstanding football team. Tonight's forty four sixteen to the final score Trevor Lawrence three forty seven and three touchdowns. He'll come back next year. As in my opinion, the best quarterback in the country. This is a team that could easily. Reload and young come right back here to the title game. They'll lose a couple of key players, obviously. But man, they got the young receivers coming back. They got the great quarterback Travis Tissa sophomore. This is a team that's going to reload from year to year. Final score Clemson forty four in Alabama sixteen four Todd Blackledge, Sean McDonough right here on the exclusive home of the college football playoff ESPN radio the SPN.

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