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Radio six ten. that those are the only five records the team's gonna have at this point again if you put ties as side which yes we had one week lines between the cardinals and alliance. that means we thirty teams having played a quarter their season by the time this weekend is over if you divided evenly five potential records by the number of teams in the NFL it would be six a piece. everything ran perfectly in the numbers worked out to the probabilities you would have a six oh one fourteen six four and teams six three one teams six one and three teams and six. into teams. you know how many teams are tuned to win a national football league right now. eleven. that. to be and it could go to twelve because it would be same throws tonight to the cowboys they too could go to two one to hear your two into teams in the National Football League Titans one ravens two Texans three raiders for cold five charges six giant seven Bucks eight jags nine eagle fan us good meat is only ten that are to into so far but if the saints lose tonight they can stretch that number to eleven. which has I just laid out for you you would expect it to be more like six maybe five maybe seven yeah you give among one plus one minus one ninety direct there's ten and maybe eleven teams in the National Football League they will be two in two you know what that means balance now if your pessimist you'll say it's a bad day you'll say the disparity because the word parity to me has a bad connotation I have no problem with that balance is good that means going into every single week unless it's a mass image map mismatch you think your team has a chance to win I know game was more tell tell the nat then today's game which was one of the games that I picked and I was wrong about I thought can see chief were just simply better than a Detroit lines would go in there and put up a whole bunch of points against them that was not the case the lines played really well took the lead in the fourth quarter they too may have scored just a little bit poorly they scored the go ahead touchdown with two minutes left to play and with a I think that the chief had two timeouts left you handling the ball back Pat moans with two minutes to play and given him a chance to March down the field and re take the lead after you gain delete and my homestead my home stakes in case you didn't catch it so I'll just quickly recap the last drive for you they get the ball at the twenty one yard line. he took it out of the end zone winnable can down to to to the kick off point for nine down to two how to return it took it ninety yards out to twenty one most homes first play past Williams out of the backfield for eleven yards incomplete to Williams Mahone short right to Williams again for two yards that takes him down to the two minute warning I incomplete pass on third down so we sit in on a four ten eight four ten eight. I am home scrambles up the middle makes the play with his legs cold for fifteen yards with the ball gets down get the first down and it gives them the ball out near midfield next passes the Kelsey in a play that my home scrambled came out of the pocket ran up toward the line of scrimmage came to a dead stop I think he had a sandwich somewhere in the middle there not enough pass rush out of Detroit completed to wide open Kelsey we got out of bounds on the play after gaining eighteen yards all of a sudden they were to the Detroit twenty thirty three yard line what a minute and thirty two seconds ago homes on a scramble the next play gets a little bit of a helping hand defensive holding I'm the lions instead of picking up a yard with a scramble they given five on a penalty homes go short middle the Robinson for nine yards to get it down to the Detroit eighteen mom short passed a hard man for two yards gives them a first down though it was not where you get the first down on a nine yard pass so he gains two yards on first down goes in complete deep to wide can so the plan ends on a white kids got its hands on the defender actually for the ball off and I did a pretty nice job home short left to bring goal that was a huge play out of the backfield thirteen yards down to the Detroit the Brady and here's where I don't understand the the next play do you yeah they have got the ball inside the three yard line and they run the ball up the middle Williams gets close you can't really tell if he broke the plane or not the referees come in and make a pretty definitive call that there are many short the clock is running Kansas city is out of timeouts there's thirty seconds to go when they run the play. Detroit calls a time out. it's basically them telling you yes we think that they're going to score and we want to give ourselves we can't get the ball back in late our guy go down the field and trying to get us to touch down what I could remember there are by three it can see scores the touchdown makes the P. A. T. well then that means the court's gotta get a touchdown to you under dirty seconds to go you could put your faith in defense you could make Kansas city run a run play no Detroit takes a time out and they like Kansas city huddle up and decide exactly what play they're gonna run to go Williams up the middle again again a debated play you couldn't really tell if the ball got past the goal line but again kudos to the referees will call in the game they made the definitive signaled they gave in a touchdown they reviewed it the call stand the play was up how old and he keeps take the lead thirty four thirty yes the line's got the ball back with twenty seconds to go and Stafford made one nice bath twenty five yard pass in a against a major Kansas city pre med defense to get it out by the fifty yard line he actually got to hail Marys off into the end zone on the last two black plays that nine seconds to go on the next to last one way after they eat the ball was dropped around any ends on the clock on TV read zero zero they reviewed it there was at least one second of between one and two so they put to one o'clock to Stanford got to throw another day I'll marry into the end zone that also did not connect so do you can see the keys were allowed to walk away with a victory my home drive in in the link to the field as quickly as he did under two minutes thirteen play seventy nine yards that's what superstar quarterbacks do specifically on the road and by the way you had not a great day that up until I final drive he had been solid past. the Detroit defense had played pretty darn well but he did what he needed to do to pull out a win in the last two plus minutes a game that's why Pat more homes is an MVP candidate again but I want to hear from alliance. is this a. moral victory. because you hung with an undefeated Kansas city team because yes you did have the lead with two minutes to play because yes you did get to L. marries into the end zone on the last two blade where you could have stolen victory from the jaws of defeat. or was this is these a flex our bank of America wants to know what would you like the power to do I'm speaking with Larry to read a regional president from bank of America hearing the DMV thanks for coming you bet what do you do to take care of your employees the keeper Morton to be them and more people wanting to work for bank of America at bank of America has my business model of responsible growth we have to grow of course but we have to do it by managing risk serving the client we want to be a great place to work that includes compensation we just announced our minimum starting wage is going to go up from seventeen dollars an hour to twenty dollars an hour in two thousand twenty one we have a comprehensive health benefits we have sixteen weeks of paid family leave we offer twenty days a bereavement leave bank America is a great program called life event services where someone's going through a transition.

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