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And that's an issue. They don't have much even like the other players on their team like PJ Tucker has a really low usage. He's not going to do much attacking to close out James Ennis same thing. Gary Clark's, Gerald green? So they they really reliant on those three for creation. So that's going to be something to monitor. I agree with you that they're not going to be as officials last year. But I I don't I guess I still think that James harden looks pretty good physically. I mean, maybe he's a little bit worse than last year. But I saw some pretty quick movement. Today. He he really beat Victor Li depot really ban across over today. So I don't know I tend to think he's going to start making more of those shots around the rim. So I guess I probably more optimistic about their chances than you are what do you think about Capella? I think he hasn't looked as good at that. Right foot issue in the preseason hasn't looked at the same touch around the room. And then I think defensively he's been getting. Feet on switches much more than we saw a year ago. Yeah, he's definitely getting beat on more switches offensively. I think his roles have become a little bit harder. Just because teams don't respect the shooter's on the outside as much like Gary Clark, you said like you looks confidence shooting it, but teams don't respect them at all over there. So a lot of the times opposite wing is crashing in. You know, making him do more with those roles than just catching dunk us. Assistant on seventy three percent of his baskets this year last year was like eighty two percent. So he's getting spoon. Fed more his assist percentages doubled. So when he catches on those short roles teams are pack in the paint making a pass it out. And as officiency is a little bit down. He's down to sixty two percent shooting percentage. He was at sixty five percent last year. But I mean, nothing too bad physically banged knees with somebody today. So maybe it's a little bumps and bruises. But I think he's going to be fine in in the long run. I think it's part of the shooting from the outside. That's hurt them overall. But not quite as efficient as last year. Well, so we talked about this on our time to panic episode last week, but you don't way, and what would you say they're gonna put like they. Will play at the pace of a blank win team the rest of the year. What would you put that number well without mellow? I think I'd probably put it around low fifties. So maybe fifty three fifty four around there. I don't know if that's higher not which by the way, we need a second episode of the time to panic podcast guys can get enough to get enough teams on that we more of that. Well, we'll have to get you another pay for bag. Maybe he'll agree to come on the show, Ken. Yeah. The the problem is I don't think we can do any less time for team with the three of us just enjoying talking too much. I want to talk about this game against San Antonio. We transition into San Antonio. But first this from our friends at seek a making my annual trip to Milwaukee. When I go back to Chicago for thanksgiving since the local Chicago basketball team is not really exciting enough to take my wife to, but we scored awesome tickets to a nuggets box game at the new Pfizer forum a week from today via our good friends at Zeke, and once again, just their interface is so easy. My wife rarely goes to games wanted to actually treat her to some pretty good tickets. And so I just looked horrible found. The biggest darkest green dot that. I could find clicked on it and bought the tickets, and I even kind of clicked around a little bit elsewhere in the lower bowl kinda see is there anything else that I think is better. And guess what? Like, the ones that were not as dark green weren't as good deals and a Danny as words in the ticket industry. I know he really is usually an agreement probably always in agreement with their algorithms, and I felt the same. Way that with Mike? So I trust them, and I can just buy tickets.

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