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Update on the sun in a football game the chiefs of taking a ten nothing lead over the bears just over eight minutes remaining in the second quarter here some **** career long fifty six yard field goal to give the chiefs at ten a lead fifty six order he had sold out you can make a field goal in Chicago apparently it try it has happened Booker for good from fifty six yards out yeah he was a guy that was a couple years ago was in can't with Carolina they like Graham you know and on the last car he was available great pick up I can't the city you can be a long term care for for for them he is a good field goal kicker good kickoff guide very good athlete he he's one of the reasons I think as we get into the throes of the post season the discussion I think he has a city really help especially if they can get some production out of Terrell Suggs you know they lost the manual all brought they lost Alex Okafor but it sucks he give him some modicum of production keep an eye on them in Philly I think mark Jackson rightfully so has taken up so much oxygen in our sport your past won't a really good player and the more you watch Kansas city peaking at the right time they may be the team at the end that's representing a or C. could agree more couple couple weeks ago I said if you like clams and the flying under the radar yet we know how good they are there's still a chance by the way for five NFC teams released twelve wins forty Niners and saints already there the Vikings Packers Seahawks can also get there which would mean a six seed would have twelve wins yet would have to go on the road wild card weekend since nineteen ninety in the twelve team playoff format the most wins by a six speed is eleven the most twelve win teams in one conference in a single season since the creation of both the AFC and the NFC in nineteen seventy was for such a pretty remarkable stat right there shows you how good VNF seat is or at least out top heavy the NFC is I'm a Finnish author wants amis former NFL general manager Mike Tannenbaum will dive back into the cowboys and eagles will discuss one key element that does not have anything to do with Jerry Jones or Jason Garrett that's next this is football frenzy and ESPN radio and ESPN app.

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