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I am your host Steve summers and I'm gonna tell you we have got a fascinating show for you today now if you're like most people you may have noticed that when you hit fifty it kind of hit the wall you know between your joins the heart the brain your eyes your energy you name it now when you hit fifty you have to pay attention to your health we all know that so whether you're forty or fifty or say in your sixties or seventies or even older for that matter I guess today says he's discovered something that you can unlock the key to feeling better at any age this is exciting what isn't what we're talking about why do you need to know about this will stay tuned Dr Neil Levin is on the line here Dr Neil Levin is a chiropractor he's a nutritionist he's a long time adviser for purity products welcome Dr Levin so great to have you back on the show today this is a big story isn't it oh absolutely Stephen let's cut right to the chase here that discover you talked about at the top there its crude oil because crude oil is simply amazing for us it's great for the heart great for that choice fantastic for the brain for the eyes and I have people coming into my clinic every single day and they want to feel better I mean they want to feel physically better stronger they want your joints to feel comfortable but they want to stay mentally sharp they want to keep their brain thinking like it did when they were younger they want to protect themselves from coronary heart disease and maintain those flexible healthy youthful arteries for one full circulation they see they want to boost their energy why not I mean we need a service and that's what we're gonna be talking about here today with this cruel omega fifty plus which is the cutting edge combination Steve of krill oil which is so.

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