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Jaguars and your pick seven to go to number one, we'll probably cost you three first sharp x you this year next year and the year after that if you go from seven to two it probably doesn't cost you that third first-round pick. It'll probably be this year next year and maybe a second round pick or a third round pick. It is still it is but three first round picks in a rose really high. The Jaguars can even trade with the jets and get the quarterback they want her or like that a lot of the team speaking in the top five Tony quarterbacks. Right. Like, none of them raiders cardinals have rose, and they judge him last year the forty Niners have Jimmy Garoppolo who's coming back from ACL tear. The jets have darnold. So they don't need a quarterback either raiders currently, Derek Carr. So that's not written in stone yet. But we will know that before the draft starts if they have them or no Tampa Bay. They have Winston. Yeah. They're not taking a quarterback. So you can you can even trade up to the number five picking I best quarter. Aubrac available. You could. The who would you see trading ahead of the giants Jones, obviously don't need to trade up. If for sure is got to be in the conversation. They're the most likely, right? Like, they're the two most likely jumped nanny training from eleven to five I could see happening. I see Miami. How about Denver? I know they signed keenum, but it's only a three year deal. It's I think it's too soon to draft a quarterback immediately after one season with your court and quarterback you signed deal. Keenum's not your quarterback of the future. Right. If he was your quarterback in the future. They would assign a four or five year deal. They send to a three year deal. They kind of signed him to be the bridge. Maybe they fall in love with a quarterback, and they don't draft this hyg in. So might cost them more in the future. I don't know. We don't know who likes to write. There's going to be a lot of things that will develop. Pro days combines Cincinnati had eleven they could move up. Absolutely. The dolphins at thirteen. But it sounds like the dolphins are engaging in immoral long-term approach to their rebuild Washington because of Alex Smith is Washington. Absolutely absolutely have to consider Washington. I mean, there are teams. There are teams. I think we but fifteen picked like Washington is what are you giving up for that net for that high top five top see, I don't think Washington would do that. I think realistically as Washington moves between six and ten were maybe a quarterback that ornamental Jones. Probably maybe a quarterback's already been taken. But they get the next one. They might I don't think they'll get Murray. Maybe not even Hoskins, but I do see them getting Daniel Jones. They could get drew lock. Remember, we have to remember. I know you're going to say we have to remember this is a quarterback league in quarterbacks fly updraft boards. Baker Mayfield was not even a first round pick until about two weeks before the draft. And then he was the number one pick as the draft as it got to that day. It went crazy in one direction. You know? And I know what you're saying a band. I know what you're saying though. Drew lock. It doesn't really do anything for you. I get it like all excited about him. But a team only takes teens here. All it takes. Yeah. But you know, what you can say the same thing about cliff Kingsbury at Texas Tech. What did they do this year or Josh Allen in Wyoming? It's it's exactly it's one of the frozen a UCLA. It's one of those things where you're looking for an individual in a team sport. And team success can mean certain things and sometimes not mean certain things, right. Dewayne Haskins though, I think we'll Dwayne Hassans will be the number one quarterback taking. I'm not sure if you think I think it'd be taken over Cairo Murray it's him over. Over murray. If Murray could because he's going to be the quarterback that impresses the most leading up to the draft. He's going to have the size. He's going to have the arm strength. He's going to have some things over Murray. Whereas Marie has more starts under his Bill Murray's had more individual success. We can't rule out Haskins. Like he was a big time prospect to and he was third in Heisman..

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