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Differently ABC's Pierre Thomas thanks is always appreciated thanks very according to a twenty sixteen justice department report one in four police officers in the United States is either black or Hispanic or black officers the past two weeks have been a very different experience that for many of the rest of us ABC's laudable leases been talking to some of those officers get there perspective when I take off this uniform I am Sandra bland when I take off this uniform I am Brianna Taylor sergeant Carl however it has been on the front lines of protests and demonstrations in Denver Colorado I can tell you that that that blue uniform is a barrier for people seeing my message saying my values that's aside as a black woman she stands in solidarity with the demonstrators saying issues that they're fighting we're along those same lines the devaluing of black lives the abuse of power systemic racism we're still having to March we're still having to encourage someone to open up their eyes to see the black perspective all things from the black lands and so when I'm out there I'm like wow we were still having to do this in twenty twenty and that's a shame and that's disappointing she says it is a difficult position to be in with calls nationwide too deep on the police or abolish department altogether there's two ways ways that you can fix something you can fix it from the outside and then you can choose the fix it from the inside like myself and hundreds of other minority officers have decided to do this system of policing this this policing machine wasn't designed for us you know we have to be honest about that after the death of George Floyd Brianna Taylor and so many others concerned about systemic racism in law enforcement has come to the forefront chief Medaria Arradondo with the Minneapolis police department race is inextricably.

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