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Film that i'm in now with an at benaco so i think that kind of whole thing is like i will say i think you of the acting shops and i think you're handsome but i think we need to discuss this in about ten years that these two young oh interesting i think he's like 34 i know don't don't blow the thais okay sorry five years behind your bond juice still do earlier what them young because they break them right is that you need to combat new also look younger than wreck them their breath away so here you still dance yeah i saw that said all the time i think he'd be a great bond in two thousand thirty okay good 'cause everyone everyone is waiting for your opinion on who the on okay and he was fourteen when he was and billy la riots and thirty one now stirring right now with a net banning is fifty nine in the movie film stars don't die in liverpool and they just premiered the movie in new york this wednesday night or of yeah little loan note here yeah sean connery would ethers play james bond wish thirty two over the manner i e jamie bow is looks like he's a teenager some people have baby faces yes guy he's got a baby face yeah why heath said he'd get the good explanation that barbara broccoli produces film and that he's never ever been approach no one's ever thought of that before that caller right time just as i am dp page says he's 5's of yes i know but he's he's wave officially at tiny sorry you we always know that people round down an age and how at a man i wrote down it depending of their man or woman aberdeen i'm weight i and here's jimmy bell talking about winning the bafta which is the british basically you know they're oscar if you will and he beat russell crowe this year nor wasn't this year or not this year but whatever you're looking at my question it hurt jamie um hated it fell back it'd be at that back of that movie they'll yelling it russell crowe tom hanks michael douglas or geoffrey rush who the field best to beat.

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