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He tried to back in and said a run up. I mean, it wasn't good, folks. And if you're going to use Luke voigt, he should not be playing first base that much is obvious, especially not in a pivotal series like this. Have to tighten up that defense. That's why the laboratory is saying, it's over and over again. It goes to my mind both ways. It's like, I know he's hitting 300 with almost no power over the last month or so. He's been serviceable by the defense at shortstop he's unplayable. I know, but it's like a base. He's okay. Yeah, but what about that double play ball when he threw the first? This is what this double. That's why you don't give up on labor. What about the non competitive at bat the inning before? I don't want anybody to give up on glaber, but I do just want to don't be a prisoner of the moment. It's been a roller coaster ride for a reason. And he still doesn't look like the 5th overall prospect in baseball. All you all you're hoping for at this point is service ability, which is not laboratories the ceiling. I don't want to give up on them either, but one double does not a season make. So let's keep our eyes on that moving forward. Every inning he doesn't play shortstop is a positive. But let's pivot to Boston. I hate that this is on the schedule. I hate that it matters, but then again, you know, I mean, if I've considered the Yankees out of it for several days now, every win feels better that way. Every loss feels more tolerable. I wasn't throwing things over the weekend against Cleveland. I wasn't booing Garrett Cole. Because I'm at the point of the season where it's exciting. It's thrilling, it's a television show..

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