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I dick. Large steamboat yeah frog. Fractions came out in two thousand twelve other games notable in two thousand twelve borderlands to mass effect three assassins creed three and non video games released that year include journey. Heo funny little bit for old times guys. It has been described frog. Fractions is a genre bending video game that starts as if it is a math tutoring experience where you play as a frog and you eat flies and the flies Disappear into fractions of numbers. But if you try and garner any meaning or enter education in rome these numbers you receive nothing and then shortly thereafter the game transforms via in game purchases bowls to a world spanning universe destroying experience. That i almost didn't get to. Because i thought it was just the numbers part and i was. I guess fucking. Nick weather fuck did he recommend this fucking game. Yes like i've been eating flies for an hour doing balking. Nothing and then accidentally leaned on my controller and i went into the water and i was like son of a bitch. Yes what an incredible prank. It really is like a fuck you. I feel like to the player. And that's that's kind of how i felt playing it just like it feels like the joke is on me like it feels like this is all kind of designed to sort of fuck with me a little bit that said overall enjoying myself but in my defense heather and we should mention that. This game was ported a unity and came out for windows in august of this year and also has some. Dlc which will touch on in in the in my defense every time. I've heard anyone talk about frog. Fractions syndicate says it came out. It's always been the context of you just need to play like it's just like no one is as here's what happens. They've just been like it's seems like an entertainment game but you just need to play it and so i would say that if there's anyone who really wants to avoid spoilers and wants to play through this game it's free. It's it's about an hour long. Go do that but we are going to talk about what actually happens in this game and But i was similarly to you. Like i did not know what was going to happen and i spent a half hour just buying upgrades and just like like napping flies. And that was the whole game raise to won't was the whole game. get there. i wonder water. it won't wait. But then i went back up a kept eating fucking flies one bay i did. I also like was confused. And i was like because when i went under the water i was like no i can't. My fruit is getting hurt. So i didn't do that until nick tech me saying like hey you need to go under the water for the rame to happen. Oh shit i it was. I thought nick you're saying you go under the water. Get a bunch of fruit. Yeah and when you go back. I'll fuck but then the game transforms in a way. That's completely new. Yeah basically what happens. Is you go down under the water so you start off. You're playing this single screen game where you know you are. You're eating you're eating flies Eventually get an upgrade a turtle upgrade. Which lets you move around ostensibly just to catch the fruit. That are falling because there's three fruits that are anchored in the air that the bugs are trying to. You're trying to protect the fruit. And then you can catch them when they fall so quite what this. What does enables you do also enables you to go underneath the water and if you underneath the water you can go to the floor of the ocean where there is an infinite storage of fruit when you can collect quote unquote atlanta billion like billion fruit. And then you can go up and then you can buy every every collectible from the games The game store. And that enables you to progress to the next section. Which betsy i hate to ruin it for you. You immediately fly through space and go to bug mars where you are a where you eat. Flies and are immediately put on trial becomes a courtroom simulator way. Why did you get this guy. Just got here after. Nick was like do do this because before that i was like. I can't believe we're playing this game after boyfriend..

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