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Level. Football that gets flagged and now that they're saying they're going to call it in the. Nfl is even that play. Yes and even that in college he dennis stand over the guy. He literally just turned and looked at his watch. I saw the slow motion of it. That's the lysol motion didn't see it in regular time. Wait does that mean that. Seattle had two losses in dave's head. So so my thing is any kind of taunting. Anything aimed at a player is in the loud anywhere until you get the nfl and now people are going to be upset that the nfl is going to crack down on a more and we know how this works with that. They say they're going to crack down more. They crackdown huge in the preseason. And then what happens. It kind of just goes away during the regular season. 'cause people get it in their mind a little bit better but what you talk about. Just being heated and stuff. I didn't really have two separate many fights or anything when my coaching days because even the because most of these guys were teammates. You know what. I'm saying. So i do understand when you bring in somebody else. In like a in a scrimmage or other setting like that but we never really did any of those that didn't have official so it kind of felt like a real game and things like that but emotions run high in contact sports. I even say it like for example in my adult life meeting post college. I of the two sports that i've played more than anything was softball and basketball emotions. Run much higher in basketball because you actually have some physicality with it and just laughing because he thinks resides softball. You're not on my team. You haven't seen the basketball games. And that's what i'm saying because you know when you up the physicality in the sport itself. That's just kind of how it's going to be because you know adrenaline clicks kicks in and all that stuff. It's i mean it's it's fun to see but bottom line is you don't wanna see one of your own guys or somebody do something stupid. Where was that that was was it. Was it gino smith or somebody like that someone. Didn't someone get punched in the face in the locker room a few years ago and broke john. Now the guy got cut on the spot. You know what i'm saying. So and that was even on your own team. Yeah it's it's it's football things like that are going to happen but yeah for sure so okay. I just wanted to bring that up. It was kind of a hot topic. Figured i'd ask your take on that. Let's talk about the pittsburgh steelers so a lot of news has been happening. Mainly with the starters. I'm going to ask you real quick. Brian ross out. That how much do you think. Ben rothlisberger plays on saturday. We know he's going to play. Ben said he wants to play as much as he's allowed to brian. Which your guess. I'm predicting no more than three quarters. Excuse me three being the podcast producer. That can go away. So i'm thinking no more than three series okay. So we'll go no more than three. Okay what are you doing. I kind of talked about this with my brother. Someone tuesday i'm going twelve to eighteen snaps because it depends on how long the series are on how many he gets if they have a really long series in there. I mean my goodness. If it's a fifteen play scoring drive they might say and it takes up half the quarter they might say. You're good if i mean if it's a three and out that a one first down and a stall or something like that or a fumble by by a by running back or a receiver which unfortunately we've seen those before. Then you're going to see more. So i don't want to just narrow it down drives. I think they're gonna wanna see at least that many place yen mike tomlin say depends on what happens in stadium in other words. If it's a nice scoring drive they might just pull them after that but guys. How important is if rothlisburger to play in this game and if so how much i mean. We talked about predictions but when it comes to argue you actually needing him to play on a scale from one to ten one being. He doesn't need to play at all. Shouldn't be playing risk. Isn't worth the reward in ten. It is imperative that he plays new system etc brian. Where do you fall on that scale. Seventeen imperative that he plays yet. The we've seen the rust factor. I've talked about this for years. I get the risk. I know everything you're risking but we it seems the last five or six years since they've said at the other day was like two thousand fifteen. The last time that he that he played more than one in one preseason game you see that rust factor in the first couple gangs with ben. And i think he needs a couple of preseason games did not be rusty. Where do you find that skill dave. I'm gonna give you a nice day answer. Because that's what i thought. No i'll give you an answer. Set it up i. That's that's the david you've got to set it up. I thought by the way the steelers had been playing everything else out but they were basically treating this like regular four-game preseason that they would have done two years ago because they had four games based on coach. Tomlin's comments today. I don't think that's the case. Because he kinda hinted at. They're treating this light game to and in a normal circumstance. Ben rothlisberger would not play in this game. But because it's a new system coach coach canada. They thought it was important to me. He's almost hinting at playing a mcginn the next week. So i really my thing is i think between the two games you. You've already said it well and if you guys don't. I'm sorry if you're listening here on youtube or facebook or just stumbled on this audio podcasts. Somewhere if you're not part of the writer diker you are really missing out. You gotta make sure you're catching all all of these podcasts. But you already said to jeff. You think it's more important for him to play in the next game. Yeah and i think he's going to petition to and i think he might win. Because you're still got tons of time. Until that i we i mean i wasn't mark kabali the brought it up that if if this is the only game then plays and you think it's going to shake off the rust. He's got too much time off until we want so i think. How important is it for him to play this game. I'm not like brian. I'd put it like a seven and a half assuming he's going to play the next some in the next game if he's not playing in the next game then it's brian seventeen. You know what i mean. Now that makes a lot of sense. And i i agree i would probably say it's about a seven. I think it's a good good number i. I don't think it's imperative. I think he would be able to god and perform with practice. Repetitions only but still a you wanna get his live reps. Let's switch gears from rothlisberger. He's an important player on the offense inside of the football. We know that. But let's talk about the offensive line until about a week ago. Those five players on the offensive line had never even practiced together. We're talking about from left to right a core for dodson green turner and banner. They're all going to play. How long do you think they will play all number one and number two. How long should they play brian. We'll start with you. I'm thinking a midway through the second-half some of them start second quarter man. I kill well deontay johnson. That's what he should debut this week. Johnson needs to be on the field enough messing around. Guys i love you the midway through the second quarter. I guess some of these guys are going to be coming out. I would like to see them. Get a half together all half okay with dave the offensive line as bad as brian screwed up the beginning part of that answer. Here's exactly right..

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