Bill O'reilly, Bill O'riley, President Trump discussed on Mark Levin


PBS and Marissa poll. Legitimate, right. Oh, total him. Yeah. Very highly respected. Pollsters. Have you heard the poll from Latinos, this is a game changer? Visit Latinos fifty percent of Latinos approve of Trump's performance as president that is a nineteen point percentage gain since December's poll where he had thirty one percent approval from Latinos, the president lost approval from whites from fifty to forty and lost approval from African Americans nineteen to eleven in the same timespan. Was the sample size. I mean, I'm sure it's. Word for it. I wonder how many Latinos they had pulled. Because sometimes those things can vary. But that's a huge gain nine hundred nineteen point swing. Maybe Latinos, I don't know actually care about the law and the border. I could it be it's racist to think that they don't sixty four percent disapproval in December forty six percent disapproval now and fifty percent approval. That's massive. Yeah. It's really interesting now Bill O'Reilly is here we have to talk a little bit about this new NBC thing where it says, you know, the Republicans never really wanted the wall, and I agree with him. I agree with them the Republicans in congress never really wanted this wall. Otherwise, we would have had it already. We get into that. Also, the latest breaking news that I personally have no opinion on. And I think that's the position everyone should have. We'll talk to Bill o'riley coming up. Agree disagree. It doesn't matter as long as you think Glen banks on KFI AM seven hundred.

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