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Hours days weeks months and years in fact if you aggregated accumulated just the amount of time you spent worried about things that never happened you would probably be the flam belly mint million. I can't even say about ever. That filming eric filming near the end of the show. But you give me whatever you want to be. So i tell everyone out there. Practice spending minutes moments of ego and you'll exponentially get what you want more rapidly and accurately. I love that i mean and i still young. You know only forty but that was kind of big deal for me. Try to lie. I've tried to lock you. Still feel the same. It doesn't matter how old you are. You still think you're like a sixteen year old. You know whatever But i have always been an extremely anxious person. I'm very risk averse. And i would get very stressed and upset if i couldn't control something if i felt like i was kind of at the will of other people and just an i had so much anger and i finally literally in the past couple of years have like and i'm having a penny with you right now. Oh my god. I think it's because it's like when we started this business because you don't know what's going to happen. I i really think that being entrepreneurs and just kind of opening ourselves up to like okay. This could be a huge mistake. But we're ready to at least try it right like the fear of never trying. It was worse than the fear of trying it and completely eating shit and just like ruining our lives and that was kind of my first foray into like i may not succeed. I'm not. I'm not setting myself up for failure but i've always set myself up for success like i'm not going to do something if i don't think i can be good at it and so having our company has helped me get more comfortable with the idea of okay. You're gonna fail and like it's okay. You know you're will be able to recover and even if we can't recover you know. I always my mantra at the beginning was will never be homeless. Because we won't because my in laws are wonderful. We would move in with them. You know right. And so. I mean you've already mentioned a little bit but like i always like to talk about and the show like shit happens and i like to know from other people because we know like you're going to everyone feels like it's just part of life and i watched video of yours where you talked about when you do your speeches that you ask. Everyone like who's failed today and they're all like. Oh but we need to like. I think normalize failure and so even someone like you. I know this. Because aaron i marino we know about you but people that are watching may not know even you had a big failure and you kind of mentioned it but you know you filed for bankruptcy. I just not only filed for bankruptcy lessons that i learned from losing over one hundred million dollars. I spoke about last night when that kid came out because the neighbors started asking them out me and people started pulling videos and it became a whole thing in your for me. I sat there is going. Don't get your ego. don't let your ego get out. Control be humble be like i literally put radical humility. I'd stand because the natural being allows us to go right back into those same lessons. And i don and that's how i ended up. Losing everything was my ego. And so you know understanding that that framework gary does it all the time to not to bring him back into the conversation. But when you frame things like i'll be fine for me..

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