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Yeah, but like but that whole rule though right of like okay, so if it's not one of them back up and his heads down and the guy needs you like is it going to do the same damage as his knees are both down. I mean down when you were started fighting there wasn't a thing right Knees Down. He's up. It was neat wage rules or no rules. No one there was no world. There is no rules and it wasn't it was in a cul-de-sac in Detroit surrounded by three bird dog houses and the Motorcycle get started now. Marker said he would open up a cut on you dig his thumb in the cut in the hole and then an antagonist thumb until I caused excruciating pain. Was that it like something something that you did too. No do that cuz cruciating pain, you know, like Mark Kerr like sticking parts of him in holes and other month. So you think that's that's why I'm putting things in a guy's holes. That's how long did it it was a yeah. Yeah, it was going to turn on, you know, you've injured his butthole finger I heard so oh God, but like Don like Gary Goodridge said that he removed the guys cup squeeze the guys down as he could and then he said he made peanut butter with the guy's nuts. I mean when you guys were like training back in the day, did you guys come up with like moves like that? Oh, yeah, I would have people to do that. You know. Hey tell me something that would be what time.

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