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When I joined faculty, there I br had the only instrumentation that can detect and quantify nitric oxide. And! So then we got busy and found out these compositions of matter that would generate nitric oxide and we knew. How much nitric oxide, normal, healthy human being made over twenty four hours, and so we could dial in that level of nitric oxide. And we refine this, so we're period of. Ten years or so and really got to technology that did two things number one. Everybody can't make nitric oxide. We'd do it for you and then number two. It really fixes the reason. Your body can't make nitric oxide. Even in the face of a antiseptic Serena Botox so it overcomes a lot of the deficiencies, a lot of the hurdles that we as ourselves put put on ourselves because of the things we do. But I think still getting back to the physiology. In biochemistry of nitric, oxide, the best approach is to eliminate or remove the things in your life for body that are disrupting nitric oxide production. And, then giving the body what it needs to make its own truck side, that's the best approach. There's no better safety profile than that and it works. So you I? Think you mentioned earlier on the endothelial cells. My father is a huge fan of the Endo Cynthia. theol- Salads endothelial young. which as you I mean, explain I think is the innermost lining of all of our blood vessels right? Is this is this where a lot of our Nitric Oxide is produced from the endothelial cells. It is so we've quantified this so about fifty percent of our nitric oxide comes from the deal sales. And as I mentioned, that's the fifty percent of that goes away with time. And so that's the reason four age-related cardiovascular disease. So stop it so I'm a five year old right? Just by being a human being. In having you know. And endothelial cells coursing throughout my body is, are they just naturally producing nitric oxide? Just all day long. As long as that five year old is eating, a decent diet is active, but if you've got an obese five-year-old that sedentary. That's. Heating. Chips and cookies and Sodas all day. He has probably the endothelial health of fifty or sixty year old. So that tells us really the damaging effects of lifestyle on endothelial health biology. Okay, and so let's say on that five year old. That is eating really an atrocious standard American Diet. How quickly can I turn it around by? By. Bye Not disrupting the pathways and eating the right things, and all that I. turned around super-quick yet. Usually it happens in a matter of days I mean our bodies very resilient in the fact that it wants to do its job. The salesman of do their job. They just need. You have to give them what they need to do. Their job and get the stuff out of the way that's hitting. Do Their job so when you change your diet. I mean it's similar to smoking. You can stop smoking and see the benefits within twenty four forty eight hours later in terms of how you feel you breathing and a lot of that are basket related effects so same thing with diet if you eliminate all the post-prandial inflammation that occurs from eating a lot of process, nasty foods, the causes endothelial dysfunction. Then you don't get that inflammatory response and inflammations key driver disease so As I'm sure you may or may not know. We are. We are not fans of of meat..

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