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And I wouldn't be able to do any of this without him. And I'm glad that we worked together in the past this HR to know how strong this combination can be. So I'm just hopeful that we're just starting to scratch the surface. And we'll keep moving on up. So Kurt as DJ mentioned, right? You've won for four manufacturers 5 different race teams. You find your way to victory lane all the time, but it is the month of May. We are NBC and we're heading up there. I'm actually going up for Indy 500 qualifying this week. You were the last NASCAR star to go up there and give it a shot and I won't lie. I was cheering you on that day. It was an oppressive run inside the top ten. Give us a little insight and what our old buddy Jimmie Johnson's got a face as the 7 time chance starts as any 500. What kind of chance do you give him and what are gonna be his challenges up there at the brickyard open wheel style? Yeah, I'm so happy he's gonna run the 500. The pageantry, the show, the different feel of that racetrack in the month of May is completely different than the brickyard weekend in July or August when NASCAR goes there. So he'll know how to block all that out. He's a 7 time NASCAR champion. He has tons of IndyCar experience now. He's been on an oval and had his best finish in Texas recently. He's ready. He's ready to do it. He's confident and the team is going to guide him through what he needs to do at Indy. But he has years and years of experience at Andy, and that's what I use my foundation. All right, I'm going to go running IndyCar, but I know this track and I feel confident in what I'm doing. Johnson's going to be a step ahead of where I was. All right, I love it. This is a call in show, so I appreciate you joining us, but we got a fan on the phone, Chandler, you're on with Kurt Busch. Thanks, Steve. And Kurt, I hate to tell you this, but I'm a big fan of your brother, Kyle, but I'm also a fan of you, man. Congratulations at Kansas. So Kurt, you know, this year you have now, you know, this year has started off not the way you, Denny and public expected. You guys wrecked a lot in the past couple of weeks, but now you guys are finally winners this year. What are you guys hoping for the for the season later this year? Yeah, I feel top 5s early. I had four top tens. Things were going, but we were piecing those finishes together with straws. Now the Ross speed is starting to show up..

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