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Social distancing mask wearing in covert testing are expected to play a big role. The final session rules won't be hammered out until after they gavel in that's going to limit the work in the lieutenant governor is going to limit the number of bills that he sensed committees. State Senator John Whitmire expects the Senate to adjourn for a couple weeks to allow for vaccinations, Rice University political scientist Mark Jones says on Lee Big issues this session the budget for redistricting of possible some basic high priority reform items. Anything related to the George Floyd Act. Chris Fox News Radio K O B. J, the first time in a wild Travis County has seen a pretty good sized drop, and it's total number of hospitalized Cove it patients. Today. There are 564. And while that number is still very high, it's 20 to less than one day ago. Another positive for today 5795 active cases that's 249 less than a day ago, Almost 50,500 people have recovered out of a total of 56,825 cases found since March. Austin. Getting a bit of extra help as the city continues to work to prop up the Austin Convention Center is an alternate care side. We're moving forward with the standing up the alternate care site at the convention center. The state is providing us staffing for that, for which we are greatly appreciative. Mayor Steve Other says the convention center will be used for less serious covert cases, and he hopes it will ease the load. Very local hospitals. Outside is expected be ready for patients by the end of this week after the snow prompted the Austin school district to teach all kids virtually yesterday. Superintendent Stephanie L. Is all day is now asking as many students as possible to remain home throughout the week, especially over the next four days. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Friday Which would give us that 10 Day window which doctor is Scott that things would be really helpful..

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