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Apparently recommends criminal charges against seventy people including bolsonaro senior members of the government and three of his sons the brazilian center. Who is the lead author of the report told the times quote. I am personally convinced that he is responsible for escalating. The slaughter and quote. There's a bunch. More charges made the attorney. General now has about a month to decide whether to pursue charges. It'll go into the congress if he does all. This seems highly unlikely but tough. Tough news day for bolsonaro. I mean here's the thing like brazil's back and forth where you basically like you end up fighting your political opponents you know Usually through corruption charges now Bolsonaro is like a big enough astle. That i wouldn't be shocked if he literally like set out loud or like even even wrote an email like let's let people die community economy going herd immunity like. That's there's a party new. It's kind of like trump flirted with it well and there's a part of me that's kind of like you know what people on the left should be trying different shit like like dan. Ilic like taking out billboards with kangaroos or there are some fires one way of doing it and charging bulletin murders another way and maybe the that kangaroo billboards is like a better more sustainable preference strokes different folks. While you're saying yeah. I mean so i i you know the particularities of the case against two and i. It's probably not the most stabilizing way out the best ways to just beat him at the polls and hold the center when he tries to over the election But people out there thinking you know got our differences different saharan gerald primary. Dan's got his billboards brazilians are like charging people murderer used charging literally the the death of three hundred thousand people. Yeah hey you know. Whatever works seems a little over the top that like seasonal overtop. Good because like awesome. Where do you what what makes someone culpable for that. I don't know it's a hard thing. Establish rebel ivermectin on it. Be better All right enough of the serious stuff. And i need you to put on your politics world. Royal correspondent hat for just a moment. Please because there was a report in vanity fair. Let it be known the bennis switching hats there. We go This report in vanity fair said the queen of england has been advised to give up her evening. Martini issue prepares for her busy fall schedule. She reportedly enjoys a drink. Most evenings her go to as a dry martini at dinner. She likes sweet wine The piece quotes her late cousin. Saying that the queen had been known to drink a glass of champagne before bed Apparently who wants reported that she drank four alcohol beverages per day. Here's my question then. Did you know that the queen went this heart. No way i could. Four drinks ninety-five completely aware that the queen went this hard. That's an actual bomb. Used to say like the the lunches with them like you have to launch with them at one of their you know. I think it was windsor. Palace and philps just crushing beers at the lunch. You know like it's they're fun people hang out with I hate this. I'm totally against this. If if it's worked for the woman the rely ninety plus fucking years including like yo like cower. Men's queen like why mess with the now. You know like. I just like a dry martini. Feels like what the queen should be having every afternoon. doctor. I mean watching from afar. It seems like that's worked for her. No don't live to ninety five so she's already it's like gravy. She's been playing with house money for a while. Like give the woman her corgis and her martinez and her movies as we talked about. You think that if you're slamming drinks with the queen at buckingham palace that they just like run down to the basement and dust off like a nineteen sixty two like chateau nifty pop the rothschild to some other fancy thing. So that's why. Obama told me the story because you so impressive phillips. Jim crack a beer. You know sky's get out of the shutdown to bob psych. Pop you know. I think they had like sherry to which is so british sherri sherri but But yeah the queen should be able to have a martini. Come on yeah. Look if you're listening your majesty. I mean she could shift edibles. I just love the idea of like a little glasses. Champagne before bed your little slanted in I'm into it The other Thing we try to do here. Besides keep a tab on. The royals is keep tattle on one other thing on this lease world correspondent the queen. Mum right the quote. Green the queen's mother okay know Played abeille by landon. Carter in and movie The king's speech She used to drink like like And people are gonna from wrong. But i think she drank like a bottle. Jinnah day like no bucket around. Yeah and she lived to be like one hundred right. So these people have they've got like the genes for this and and we know that those gene pools don't mix very often. Yeah you know we have to that to that okay So did there The other person we keep tabs on here is ted cruz. Because there's just so many people who hate him in america in around the world you know. He's talking too far right nationalist spain this week. He is pissed off. Good people of australia So here's the backstory. Ben crews went on twitter to declare that australia's northern territory That they're covert vaccine mandate was tyranny and disgraceful and sat those other word to use the region's chief minister. Michael gunner responded with a barrage of statistics about how much better his territory fared from covert in texas. The one staff that tells the entire story is seventy thousand. Kobe deaths in texas zero in the northern territory. There you go Gunner said quote. We don't need your lectures. Thanks mate you know nothing about us and if you stand against lifesaving vaccine the new shares don't stand with australia i love texas. Go longhorns but when it comes to kobe. I'm glad we're nothing like you so bad. It's been a tough couple years. You know. I think like. I've never felt quite as isolated as i do from the rest of the world. But it's just so nice to know the ted cruz can bring us together to call him. A douche back is house. My reaction i mean for for governor points out by the way that they also their kids are in school like they. The they're returning one lockdown. They're not locking down because they've looked fucking handle their business. Ted cruz in texas. It's a tough time that we lived through. And you know. A lot of the political news can be upsetting every day. It can be difficult open. Twitter you look around the world so much division and divisiveness look a new cold war brewing china and the fact that there's this thing where billions of people around the world one ted cruz to go fuck off. It's a hopeful thing. It's really something that makes me feel me. Strength makes me feel seeing And present as a human makes me feel dignity every time someone around the world is able to throw ferocious dunk on ted cruz Like i'm i just feel a little less alone and an egg. I like that. We always seem to be circling back to australia When there's some something like this just like every now. And then they pop up. They called last wack called like it is including two. They're like climate prime minister. And like you know. It's good to know that we got ozzy's out there like love the aussies hope you enjoy. Those nuclear subs guys earned. Well the french got steve clements. Joe john donors even trade. we Okay last last year he's got a new zealand Their neighbor the aussies neighbor. So this a little bit of sad news been The official wizard of christchurch new zealand was fired. Stop question already yeah. There's an official. Wizard fischel wizard of christchurch new zealand..

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