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Ongoing effort to identify unaccounted for or missing individuals. The number of people who are still looking for were encountered for has increased to six hundred and thirty one and this number increased by five hundred and one people, and the reason that that number went up is because after they gave me the one thirty number which I reported you they didn't stop working they continue to work into the night. And then ultimately the updated. And again, I am I'm fine with them updating that because I would rather give that information out than to wait. Too long to do them. At least sixty three people are known to have died in the wildfires which destroyed the town of paradise almost twelve thousand buildings have been destroyed and search teams have only been able to examine a small proportion of the ruins eight days after flames engulfed the area. Shortly before we came on the air. I asked dot corresponds. Dan Johnson is in the town about the new figures, it's a staggering update. And as real concerns that the death toll could eventually climbed much much higher at the start of the week the sheriff's office, the officials were talking about maybe two hundred three hundred and fifty people that were missing well today. It's a one announcement jumped at six hundred and thirty one people who are still unaccounted for eight days after this fire tore through that town and this fire is continuing to spread. Yes. It is the fire isn't out it burns on through the forests across different parts of. In california. And there's not just one fire for firefighters. Have got more work to do to contain not to stop it threatening anymore properties. The conditions have become more favorable in the last couple of days. But there's always a threat that wins could pick up and drive the flames towards another town another community, but the fire service and the search and rescue teams have also got the difficult job here of searching through what remains paradise trying to account for all those people who are still missing. And that is difficult dangerous and upsetting work. They are sitting through piles of in most cases, that's all that is left of the buildings that made up this town. There are twelve thousand properties that have been destroyed. So an awful lot of work to do and President Trump expected to visit the region on Saturday, but well, given his tweets criticizing the California fire services, not necessarily likely to get a terribly warm, welcome. There was anger. The president's first reaction on Twitter last weekend, which was to blame poor forestry. Management in California for the way. These fires spread lots of people reacted very negatively to that. And the president did subsequently treat tweet sympathetic messages. Supporting the fire service in the emergency services here, and we'll have to see whether his presence causes more anger on not the has been welcome for the federal services that have come into town and started getting their effort into action over the last couple of days. People say that's been slow off the ground. It has been needed. And it was only because the president declared a major emergency that those funds have made available to support people support that is desperately needed. Because there are tens of thousands of people that are homeless that have nothing to go back to who've lost absolutely everything they need to know what their future is where they're going to be housed. Whether paradise will be rebuilt on. There are many many bereaved people who need support alongside those who are still waiting for news chart, very difficult. Situation here. People desperate to know what the actual true extent of this disaster will be, but it could be a long long time before that is finally reveal Dan Johnson in California. It's just over four months until the UK is supposed to officially leave your opinion union. But before we get to the twenty ninth of March and not still needs to be decided after months of painstaking negotiations. Amidst demands for another referendum, the British Prime Minister, Theresa may has finally reached a draft agreement with the EU, but after dramatic few days in British politics. Several government ministers have resigned in protest at some of the concessions which are made despite widespread criticism. Theresa May says she's determined to try to get the draft agreement through parliament while some are calling for a new deal outcome leaders appeared more supportive of the plans. The Australian Foreign Minister carrying cancel said. The EU had gone as far as it could everybody would be harmed not only to your twenty seven. And that's why everybody has been working on an arrangement that is not perfect. But that's if I'm a hip put it like that is the best offer that the UK government could get and it's a compromise you gave in on certain topics such as the customs union and also the UK had to give in. So nobody is completely satisfied. Our reporter Caroline Rigby has been looking at what this agreement means for the EU, and Theresa May am I going to see this through? Yes. She's made her decision. So has Dominic Robb until Thursday. The Brexit secretary just a day after Theresa May revealed the draft withdrawal agreements the man she tasked with negotiating it led. A wall counts the work and pensions secretary to other ministers to political aide. Santa party official. Followed him all left in protest. The Brexit compromise fought very hard to get a good deal. A deal that I could good heart and conscience take to the country into my colleagues, actually if you look at what's being proposed now is not only in my view damaging to the economy. It is impossible to reconcile with promises we made at the last election..

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