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What's the one thing you're watching for me? It's a Kentucky auburn final. Kentucky auburn, yeah. For the number one seat. Yep. Yeah, and who can kind of sneak in there? I don't necessarily think the big 12 will hang on to two one seats with Baylor and Kansas. No way. So I think the Kentucky and auburn, whoever wins that is going to have the last one seat. So I think that to me is the biggest, the biggest story. The other one in the SEC is watch for all the coaches that are going to get fired. There's going to be a bunch. There's going to be a bike. George is already announced. They haven't announced, but it's going to happen. So just don't miss Missouri game, the old miss Missouri game today could be both of them being gone. That could be congeal and Kermit Davis. Mississippi state Ben Howland and playing Frank Martin, they're both like they're gone. So you have two matchups today in which all four coaches to me are probably likely gone. And then Georgia, that's 5. And then the thing you gotta really watch out for is so Mike white played Florida head coach played with Keith Carter, the old miss AD at old miss. Okay. Could Mike white if they make a move on Kermit Davis, could he go back to his Alma mater? Because they kind of kill him. The Florida fan base kills him. And they're first four out. Our next four hour, I think. It's probably not going to make it unless they got a B Texas a and M and B to album. Well, these Carter NCA tournament 1998 stuff. Look at you. That's pretty impressive. Yeah, of course. I mean, I know that they all played in the whole movie. Yeah. That's right. That's right. They went for our community. You locked down for that valpo community..

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