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You and marking each vehicle on the lot with absolute lowest price we can take it'll never be easier and prices just to get in low the final sale right now at your main line to get started to Jermaine Lexus dot com traffic and weather for Columbus ten WTVN okay nation love looking at what could have been following Saturday's loss to Clemson this is a five thirty report on six ten WTVN good morning I'm Scott John traffic and weather every ten minutes mornings and afternoons on newsradio six ten WTVN a look at your Monday driving now with a and Darling if you're coming in from the Carol area the traffic light is out at thirty three in **** path treat that as a four way stop on the north side we've got an accident on one sixty one isn't clear road we've got rain falling in central Ohio this morning that makes for some slick roads also we are under a high wind advisory tropical weather every ten minutes on the ten this power by Tim starring plastic care more topic you can trust in ten minutes I mean Darling the newsradio six ten WTVM I'm ABC six first warning meteorologist in rock Michael falling temperatures today with some early rain showers mostly cloudy mid day and then flurries by later today into tonight it's gonna be a windy day and the wind stick around for tonight into tomorrow as well some light snow showers tomorrow especially for the northern part of the area with some light accumulations possible north weather's power but the basement doctor still some light rain specially to the north of town also staying windy this morning it is fifty five in west Jefferson fifty three eight your severe weather station news radio six ten WTVN Buckeye nation still reeling from the twenty nine twenty three loss to Clemson Saturday in the college football playoff semifinal had co trying days there were no reviews I went their way this game altering plays that happen in the game you know you you need those with things to go beat a team like comes in when you're playing in a semi final game you need you know that one or two places to to miss a couple of them they they hurt you among the play is overturned on review a touchdown catch by JK Dobbins an eye catching fumble by Clemson that was returned for a touchdown by Ohio State Buckeyes also had three tribes in the first half and in the red zone with field goals instead of touchdown elsewhere Dr William fusil suing Mount Carmel health system for defamation fusil blames Mount Carmel forty says the most egregious case of defamation of recent history the hospital claim his will deliver excessive and possibly fatal overdoses of pain killers to dozens of patience is charge of twenty five counts of murder he's pleaded not guilty claiming he was provide an appropriate and the life care manager of a pizza shop in Lancaster is being hailed a hero for saving her workers during a hostage situation on Saturday ABC six Jeff frantic talk to the marketing manager for Christie's pizza it was just after noon time when a man burst through the pizzeria door he was shouting orders and had a knife Jeff Crigler says he took the manager hostage almost immediately she made sure her team member of her family members were out of here not long after the suspect thirty one year old try Kirk make himself visible with a knife to the manager's throat police shot him dead Craig lows says money was not a motive in the in the incident nor was it a domestic situation the pizza chains offering the employees free counseling and paid time off a statement released in the family The New York man facing charges for a knife attack on people celebrating Hanukkah the suspect in the Hanukkah stabbing in Muncie New York has been formally charged he's accused of stabbing five people with a machete as they gathered at a rabbi's home to celebrate the holiday bail is set at five million dollars your governor Andrew Cuomo says the attack was fueled by anti semitic intolerance the suspect's family says he has no known history of anti semitism it follows a string of attacks targeting Jews in the region as fox's Jackie Bonior's the suspect identified as thirty seven year old Grafton Thomas was arrested in New York City about thirty miles south of the attack the church shooting stop by arm congregants outside fort worth Texas Sunday morning authorities say a man brought a shock and into the west freeway church sat down and appeared and stood up and began firing he killed two people before volunteer security guards fatally shot.

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