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News. The jump in monthly mortgage payments may be bigger than you think. I'm Jeff Gable. 1218. Traffic and weather together on the 8s we got a rockstar worth now in the traffic center. If you're on the beltway in Maryland and Virginia, pretty good shape with a couple of slowdowns, especially through Montgomery county on the outer loop as you leave old Georgetown road headed toward river road, but travel lanes are open. The earlier crash on the envelope near Ritchie Marlboro completely wrapped up a gone, nothing being reported to us otherwise there. Otherwise, if you drive them en route 50 going across the bay bridge, we do now have two way operations running, giving it three lanes east, and two lanes open in the westbound direction. Northbound two 70 still some delays headed toward 85 buckies town park, but that crash has wrapped up a gun or all you traveling is going just some brief delays remaining there was northbound 15, near Jefferson street, that's where we had the report of a crash to watch out for that. Otherwise, northbound route four, it was fairly a road in old Marlboro park, that crash would be wrapped up and gone as well. If you're in Virginia, looking good on the beltway between Alexandria and McLean, no problems being reported on 66 right now. You guys are in good shape yeast bound. Headed toward Gainesville and beyond toward Rosalind but westbound I 66 watch for delays toward I 81 may have a new crash southbound on I 81 south of I 66 possibly blocking lane. To traveling on I 95 itself southbound you're on the brakes leaving lord and headed toward one 23 than solid, approaching Quantico down toward garrisonville and emerged from the express into the main lanes, north got I 95 off and on the brakes in separate stretches between garrisonville and the Springfield interchange with traveling to reported to be open there and no problems when I three 95 up to and across the 14th street bridge You guys are in good shape. Taking you to the district listener reports northbound D.C. two 95, just after bending road, broken down vehicle and center of the roadway has their flashes on, but no help was behind it, northbound D.C. two 95 watched for the center lane to be blocked after benning wrote for the broken down vehicle. No problems being reported in the third street tunnel toward New York avenue, you guys are in good shape as well. Dashlane's greatest Black Friday ever shop Ashley's best Black Friday mattress deals for two final days. Save up to hate 800 bucks on adjustable set C home stores dot online to find the Ashley store nearest you. I'm rob stallworth, WTO traffic. Rob, thank you not your storm team four 40 forecast here's NBC fours clay Anderson. As we continue the holiday weekend bright sunshine for your Saturday, a great day to get out, whether you're shopping, picking up

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