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So don't fool yourself into trying to reach out to them because again like like this speaks to how much politics is changing. Not that Long Bill Clinton makes his political name with the this whole third way idea that like Republicans have long had one way. Democrats have long had another way. I'm going to find a path inbetween. Joe Biden in some ways is a man out of time in in this race. Hey like he got out. And he's talking about how he cut deals with Mitch McConnell in the Senate on the budget he calls my pants like is not a bad guy. That's not what the Democratic Party wants right now. The base of the Democratic Party HATES DONALD TRUMP AND I. I'm not just saying I'm throwing out out. That work as they do they they low donald trump. They want him gone. They do not believe he should have won in the first place They will You chapter and verse on the Popular Vote Though as always remind people. Donald Trump won under the rule fat near the current rules. Right the vote thing to me is like a okay. I know it gets a lot of tweets but shut the like. I'm just so sick of vote. Downright my view on it is like the Saint Shirt but that that was pass severence against on the saint. But it wasn't call so I like what you want me to do about it like the rules are the rules. You can change the rules. But you can't complain gene when the rules even poorly enforced like he won. The Electoral College was the way in. Is the way that we decide presence so you want to change it and make it to be a popular. That's totally fine with me. Like I'm no I don't I don't feel strongly either way but you can't beat the guy up for winning the way in which tell l.. President this is how you went. What's up with Biden? Because I looked at all the polls this morning and he's leading everything except he's not going to do well in Iowa. It looks looks but as you pointed out is still so early in this process and it was funny because I was talking with a good friend of mine from college and we were talking about Iowa and you know what I've never really quite understood is like how Iowa momentum can change things or New Hampshire. Whatever and he goes yeah but we all know guys from Iowa we love those guys like? What's what's better than somebody from Iowa? start off on the on the right path. But you know surveyed Western knock right there you go good and not just fake midwestern stock I off for God's Sakes And that's real any of these people. I've spent a lot of time there you know. I haven't I still on the checklist of of states rated city underrated cities. It's actually good food and a good like culture art scene. I know people will roll their eyes but they'd actually that's good. I know I'm glad I I wouldn't. I don't want anyone to ever roll their eyes about cultural art scene in Des Moines. I'd rather be. Let's just say that I'd rather spend the night des Moines Iowa Hartford Connecticut Sorry Hartford. I think we're allowed to say that because we we both we both. Yeah I lived there a little while I live downtown when I I yeah I would served capital the United States. WHO's amazing? I couldn't get a gatorade on a Sunday morning on the highway so unbelievable anyway byte so let me just set this up though just so people aren't following like you go through the polls. He's leading every poll which surprises people because a lot of the debates. He just just isn't good at it. I mean he just whatever you WanNa say about his politics but I really feel presentation has as much ado about this with anything. You know trump for whatever you wanna say about him he is. There's no wavering. There's so much conviction every single sentence that I think it plays the people clearly plays to people's not I think we know this but with Biden it's bad. The presentation presentation is bad. And then you look at the polls and he's double digits on everybody else except of course as you mentioned and is anybody can look up the number for him or not going to be a good start yet just quickly on trump. Because I think it's so important and you mentioned like Dow a earlier on you were saying talks like you've never heard a politician talk for I add voters told me during the two thousand sixteen election. Trump would say something like There are more people in this arena tonight. Then in all of the United States combined. You'd be like Ah I don't that doesn't compare like how could that be possible. And you would like Huckabee like you do trust him you know do you. Do you think that he's telling you the truth. Even though like it's demonstrably proven he's not and they would say yeah I mean why would he say stuff. He says the way he says if he's lying like just to your point about presentation trump's bluntness his willingness to say and do stuff that you know like Marco Rubio low-energy Jab Low Marco like people they they may not like it. They may see it as bullying but they believe that that it somehow connotes authenticity and he has benefited hugely from that. Despite I would say you know a long record of documented distortions distortions mistress demise. Okay bye yeah. He's the problem for him is. He's not great at a couple of things that really matter. There is absolutely a formative aspect to presidential politics. Especially I've sat in a million focus groups where people are talking about why they're voting for this person why they're voting for that person very rarely. There's like one person usually like a fifteen or sixteen person focus group where they'll say Joe Biden's position on still on the blank or Elizabeth warrants position on healthcare. That's why voting for her against her. There are some of those people but the people who really decide these elections. The people don't pay all that much attention. These are not hardcore partisan. She'll always say something like I don't know just My uncle said he saw him at a rally and he seems like a good guy. I mean there's so much steel perception that goes into voting for president. It's not you go to the website of Donald Trump. You check off the places you agree with him on issues. Should go the website of Elizabeth. Warren you check out the place you agree with her. You add the check marks up and you vote for the candidate who has more checks. PEOP- There are people who do that. They're just not most of them. So the problem mm for Biden is debates. Are the one time where I think whether it's you watch it live or you see a few highlights from it and fundraising those are the two big metrics tricks at this point with a field. This big that people wouldn't do polling as the other one. He's okay in that regard to your point but the debates he just doesn't and it doesn't it has not click and I don't think it will click. I think what you see is kind of what you get there. You know thing where he I mean some of these kids go on for twenty minutes. You're supposed to speak like a minute happening. Have they just keep going and going. Don't like cut off in the middle of sentences they well okay anyway. You know like wh dude what there's no like. No one's going to penalize you for taking other twenty thirty seconds so he's not great that fundraising. There's a guy in Arizona running for Senate named Mark Kelly. He's an astronaut. He's married to Gabby giffords. The Congressman Lewis shot at a rally In the two thousand almost died. He's he's he's got ten million dollars on hand for a Senate race. We've got ten million dollars spent on the race. That's a million. A million and a half more than Joe Biden former vice president. United States has for possessory so he's bad at two things that really matter one nuts and bolts thing Fundraising one performance thing to beating national polling at this point matters less than Iowa and New Hampshire and Nevada South Carolina polling. It just does. It's not a national race. Like yeah I know every state votes but they don't vote at the same time I will votes i. We know from History History Iowa Impacts New Hampshire which impacts Vada which impact South Carolina and the those for impact everything that comes after it including by the way California this year in early March. So sure you'd rather guests have polling national pulling that has your head but don't at this point in the race Iowa New Hampshire those. That's where you should look for. WHO's ahead because that will tell you? Momentum and weaned no momentum matters stuff from pass from the best. What's the what's it's the best story? You have for us because he always feel like okay you cover these people. I imagine you're not talking. Well I don't know I don't WanNA assume anything here. Is it been a big lie. told all directly from a politician off. The record is at one of their people campaign manager. What's the story? What's your go to happy hour story about Your Life and politics less twenty years? Yeah I mean the honestly I think politicians and their people live less than most people assume. I mean trump. Does it right out in the open. I think we've always thought of lying is like a thing that they do like hey. FYI You might WanNa look into this When in fact most most of them try to adhere not to that and trump just does it right out like right out in your face So I actually don't think that I think most of my experiences on the campaign trail and now I'm old and have kids so I'm not out there like you know everyday. Grinding it out in Iowa New Hampshire. We've got lots of good people who do that. Who are not me The one that I remember the most I think and it drives home the fact that you can never forget. This is probably true for sports. I I know so much more about that world but like the thing that I always try to remind people about politics is it's super personal. We have a tendency to assume that these people could you see on a stage or you see them in an ad that they're not regular normal people they don't have feelings you know they're just they're like politicians like a different breed. It's like an Avatar. You know what I mean like. They're not human. They're like different species. I met a debate in two thousand and four. Got Him so old. If you think those two thousand four might have been two thousand eight John Edwards who you know all the stuff that goes with John Lewis former North Carolina senator he. They've just debated I walk out onto the stage. I'm talking like staffer and his wife The late Elizabeth Edwards. She passed away a few years ago. She comes up to me and she's like I've never met her before she comes up to me and she's like why did you write that about John and I'm like I don't know what I mean. I wanted to say like. Hey I write a lot of things. 'cause I do right all right a lot to do. It's the Kenner Olympic it's the candidate's wife so I'm like you know what in particular I had mentioned mentioned in a parenthetical that he was fading or something I mean it wasn't it wasn't like John Edwards. This is before all the stuff about John Edwards gave up. This is just when he was it was. Oh wait this is when he's running. It's Obama him and Clinton there's a free be candidates that there had been any bocce and she didn't like something I wrote and she was like Berry Berry upset because she thought that it did not accurately portray her husband as a person and I think that I it the reason I say that is tell that story is I think that we always forget. These people are human when they are making.

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