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So basically wanda is doing all of this. Maybe maybe not like. There's some variables there with the other people but yeah this is all like her grief this her dealing with grief to the worse assist things differently. Yeah and she's not having if anybody's coming up in her world and ruining it for her. She's having her happy ending. This episode definitely upset me when it ended. Though i was like i feel like i was like fully invested and then they were like credits and i was like what why though i can admit that this was the first episode of that like really interested me in this series like it's now tying in things before i didn't know what no one knew what it was like would. Yeah we're directions are showing and now you can see that in the bigger universe of it so it's is cool now. We have a timeline which helps us because before it was like is this is going to be like a weird kooky old show leg blah blah blah. And no. this has a time line. This has a purpose. There's people that are coming back from different Movies different france did not franchise but different. Like you know what i different ant man anti war and now want our vision are all in a thing you know who knows who else might show up. Do you know what i mean. Thanos back and snaps somewhere. He's dead literally dead. He's the nanny for the twins. God wanda would just oh man to lose her shed. I mean but this episode was really really good. And i was. I almost was like fuck that episode needed to be one hour. I needed more after it ended. But obviously they're doing that so you come back to next week and you can watch the next one and figure out some answers but it's yeah it's definitely it's i feel like this show is definitely getting really a lot of recognition that i didn't think it would get just because i feel like that wander wasn't underrated character and now that i see this this part i i like her so much now. Yeah she is well. I can't remember if we talked about this on the podcasts or real life but her accent oh yeah what's up with that. She has none before it was like you know. Broken english like russian announced. Hi how you doing. Hi told normally yet. Now that is one thing Marvel i think tried to cover it up and be like oh well. She was in america with american people and it just kind of slowly lost her accent. I'm like okay. that's just. That's just a a bench truth you know like clearly. Maybe she just didn't wanna talk in russian accent anymore and they said you know people remember that she's from psycho via right but yet her character is coming into our own and before i mean it was kind of like okay. Cool the twins and it was. It's been cool. You know but but now we're we're learning about her and i'm here..

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